Big Wild’s “Superdream” is Truly a Dream Come True

Photos taken from Big Wild’s Facebook

I will never forget the first time I saw Big Wild back in 2015. It was at a super tiny concert hall in the back of an inconspicuous bar in Chicago called Schubas Tavern. Ever since I’ve been closely following his rise to fame, and to this day I cannot believe the tremendous milestones he’s already accomplished as a musician in just a few short years. In the few times I’ve gotten to meet Jackson Stell, I am always humbled by his genuine passion for music and his constant strive to challenge himself. He stands out to me among a seemingly endless lineup of electronic artists because his ability to wow a crowd is undeniable. Whether it’s singing live or jamming out on his box drum, Stell’s live shows are a must-see. The release of his debut album “Superdream” last month has been met with critical acclaim – to no surprise. It’s a genre-hopping compilation of truly modern feel-good music and I am living for it.

A few of my personal favorites from “Superdream” include Joypunks and Mopsy’s Interlude. Joypunks is such a fun and energetic song. I feel as if this particular song is Big Wild perfecting the genre he’s created for himself, happy-go-lucky music that really makes you want to get up and dance! Mopsy’s Interlude really makes me feel nostalgic. Something about the somber vocals and guitar riffs makes me feel so relaxed. This type of indie/alternative sound is definitely new ground for Stell, and I am all for his music going in this direction. Nonetheless, my absolute favorite song off the album has got to be Maker. The strange blend of electronic, indie, and guitar, to me, has a super strong disco influence. Overall, the entire album is an absolute masterpiece and I cannot wait to finally hear all of this new music in person and just melt into the music!

Listen to the full album here. Enjoy! 

Big Wild’s originals are the kind of songs that make you feel like driving down the coast in the summertime with the windows down. His ability to convey those same feelings through his live performances is an extremely rare experience as a concert-goer. With the release of “Superdream,” Big Wild has also embarked on a nation-wide tour with Robotaki and Mild Minds. Although their tour is well underway, they are stopping in Chicago Friday, March 22nd at Concord Music Hall. Unfortunately, tickets are all sold out, but the show in Milwaukee on Thursday, March 21st is not! Be sure to grab tickets for the Milwaukee show here before they’re all gone! If I haven’t gotten my point across yet, DO NOT MISS IT!

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