Space Mom Hypnotizes Orlando

photos by Madison Schulz

REZZ came to Central Florida this past weekend ready to melt everyone’s faces off, and I don’t think Orlando was quite prepared for it. Isabelle Rezazadeh, known to her adoring fans as “Space Mom,” gave her space children one of the best EDM shows I’ve ever witnessed. With a production full of astounding lasers, startling pyro, and some intensely psychedelic visuals, I think it’s safe to say that REZZ is one of the best DJs in the game (or at least in my opinion).

The Cult

On Saturday, February 2nd, the Orlando Amphitheater was packed with thousands of dedicated members of The Cult of REZZ. The Cultfam even took their dedication a step further to do some good for one another by creating The Safe Space. Similar to Bassnectar Ambassadors’ “Haven,” The Safe Space will be an area where people can go meet up with other Cult members to enjoy the music in a more positive and comfortable environment, free of harassment. This project actually first launched this weekend at the Orlando show, and plans to stay for all future REZZ events. On Saturday, anyone entering The Safe Space was greeted by a few friendly Cult volunteers, and some approachable police officers who were there to help if anything serious needed to be dealt with. 

The Show

REZZ said a humble hello to the crowd this Saturday with a black and white spiral visual, a voice that said, “REZZ, make it go slow like this,” and a really chill beat that hypnotized everyone for a good minute. She then quickly snapped with intense flames, harsher visuals, and a more aggressive sound to shock everyone into rave mode and let them know that she didn’t come to play.

The 23-year-old dropped some Cult favorites like “Relax,” “Edge,” “DRUGS!,” “HEX,” “Life & Death,” “Selector,” and even bits of that incredible 31 minute and 49 second “Nightmare on Rezz Street (Halloween Mix).” However, my favorite track from Saturday has got to be the bass-heavy, unreleased, “Your soul will never be released,” collab with Sayer that she’s been teasing at shows and on social media for a couple months now. REZZ, come on. Just give it to us.

The End

After what seemed to be about an hour and a half of the craziest trip anyone could ever be on, REZZ decided to get personal with the crowd. She took off her infamous glasses, told the stage workers to hold off on pyro and lasers for the next song (so that she wouldn’t go blind and/or catch on fire), and she came down to say “Hi,” to her crowd before she walked off stage.

Feeling the FOMO from missing this show? Check out if REZZ is coming to a city near you here!

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