Space Jesus Blows Away Philly

Photo Credit: @shutterfinger

Saturday, February 9th, Space Jesus landed another stop on his Temple of Noom tour in Philadelphia’s Fillmore venue. The Fillmore was nearly at max capacity to catch this highly anticipated show. Openers included LudgeHuxley AnneOf the Trees, and Minnesota

“I feel like I’m Rocky”

Space Jesus really made Philly feel special as soon as he stepped on stage, sporting a vintage 76er’s jersey. It’s a no brainer that even he was prepared to give the 215 an unforgettable show. At one point during his set, he took a pause and said, “I feel like I’m Rocky,” referencing the famous statue and Philadelphia landmark. Rightfully so, because Space Jesus packed a punch of wubs and heavy bass. 


There was never a point where the crowd wasn’t moving. Space Jesus dropped his masterpieces including Space BossSofa Surfin’Infinite Extravagance, and his well-known Space Jam remix. Of course he threw in some classics such as RL Grime’s Core and even Flux Pavillion’s Bass Cannon! Everyone moved in sync to create a beautiful wave of hair flowing and fists punching the air. Philly was also treated with a Space Jesus and CharlestheFirst collab — a tune with ambient and downtempo vibes. We’ll be keeping an eye on when that will be released! 

Behind the Scenes

At the end,  Jasha made a special shout to all of his crew for their contributions to the show and the tour overall. One that deserves some extra recognition is Space Jesus’ lights operator Tyler Ellis (Instagram: @singingwithlights). Pictures do not do his production level justice: a perfect balance of breath taking and mind boggling lights and lasers. The show’s visuals were already trippy enough, but Tyler’s work enhanced them even further. Over all, the execution of his work was flawless: complimenting the vibe of every song.

There are still several stops around the US for the rest of the Temple of Noom tour. Space Jesus puts in is all for each show, making it apparent to connect with his fans. Be sure to grab your tickets if you find Space Jesus stopping by your area! Tickets are available for purchase HERE

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