Lightning in a Bottle: Big Announcements Coming Soon (Venue, Phase 1 Music Lineup)

As we previously reported in January, Lightning in a Bottle surprised everyone by announcing that the festival would be held two weeks earlier than usual (now May 8-13th) at a whole new venue in central California. The new location will be revealed on February 12th! 

With Do Lab working fast and furious behind the scenes to bring us another magical year of LIB, they’ve announced that February will be a big month for updates about Lightning in a Bottle. They’ll also be selling 25% fewer tickets this year to keep the festival more intimate, so get ready to buy your tickets at 10 AM sharp on Valentine’s Day!

The Dates You Need to Know

  • Feb 12th: New Venue Reveal
  • Feb 13th @ 10 AM PST: 24 Hr Loyalty Pre-Sale
  • Feb 14th @ 10 AM PST: Earlybird Sale
  • Feb 15th: Phase 1 Music Lineup

How LIB Has Evolved 

This is the fifth time in its history as a festival that Lightning in a Bottle has changed venues, so we’re excited to see what’s in store! If you want to take a walk down memory lane, the festival put together a timeline outlining how LIB has evolved since its inception in 1999 as a birthday party in Los Padres Forest.

I was surprised to learn just how long LIB has been around. It sounds like 2005 is when it became an official festival and starting in 2006/2007 is when the festival started to take on the form we see today. With yoga classes first appearing in 2006 and in 2007“LIB’s learning hub”, also known as the Temple of Consciousness, was born in 2008. This has evolved into what is now known as The Compass—created with the intention to activate bodies, expand minds, and open hearts. This area of the festival offers workshops and talks from world renown visionaries, wisdom keepers, master teachers, healers, activists, performers, musicians, and more. 2007 also saw the introduction of practical sustainability workshops.  It just keeps getting better and better!

Check out our review and pictures from 2018 to see the magic that lays ahead for you! Photos are courtesy of our very own Don Idio.

More Info

To stay up to date on all things LIB be sure to sign up for LIB and Do Lab news here. If you’re looking to get involved, the 2019 participant apps are available now.

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