Lightning In a Bottle Makes Moves

Cover Photo by: Don Idio

Lightning in a Bottle hosted by the DoLab will be returning but with a few adjustments. The festival announced some big changes today. The first is that it will take place 2 weeks earlier on May 8th – 13th. The event has traditionally been held at the end of May over Memorial Day Weekend. This caused it to overlap with other musical events, like BottleRock, Sunset Music Festival, the now canceled Sasquatch Music Festival, and others. Now with the dates moving there are less conflicts and opens up a world of possibilities for hard core festival goers.

The other major change that was announced is that it will yet again be changing venues. However, they have not yet announced where the new location will be. 

An excerpt of the message published on the LIB website:

“We absolutely love this new venue and think you all will too. The space is an improvement in nearly every way and we appreciate your patience as we finalize everything for a fantastic new and improved LIB experience.

If this news comes as a shock, we apologize. Venue challenges are an inevitable part of throwing festivals, and the best we can do is move through them as gracefully as possible. Though we were planning on having LIB in Bradley for many years to come, we also recognized that San Antonio Recreation Area was far from perfect (the lake has receded away from the festival grounds again). So, we are embracing this change as a catalyst to evolve, grow and seek greener pastures. Planning is in full swing and we already see many wonderful opportunities for upgrading the LIB experience at its new home and will be hard at work for the next few months creating this new LIB wonderland.”

Early bird tickets will be on sale soon. Stay tuned here for updates. 

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