Journey to the End Of The Rainbow with Bassnectar

THIS JUST IN–Bassheads will rejoice to learn that we have discovered what lies at the end of the Rainbow, and it’s Bassnectar. With the retirement of Sasquatch! Music Festival comes a new Memorial Day adventure at the infamous Gorge Amphitheater: End of the Rainbow. With an impressive lineup, gorgeous venue and that Monday already off, we can’t wait for May to get here.  If you’ve never been to an event at the Gorge, I can’t recommend it enough!

Three of my favorite artists will be performing – Bassnectar, Griz and STS9 and if that’s not enough, the rest of the artists are equally as impressive: Flosstradamus, Eprom, Thriftworks, Santigold, Emancipator and Vic Mensa to name a few. Take a look at the full lineup below.

Photo from End of the Rainbow’s Facebook page

The Headliners

What I am most excited for is two Bassnectar sets in one weekend. His mixing and production are absolutely unparalleled and each show is utterly different than the last. He has a fierce following of Bassheads that I can only imagine may rival that of the Grateful Dead during their heyday. Fans will see him over and over again because he is a wizard of bass, playing unreleased songs mixed in with his massive catalog of bangers. I attended his NYE 360 show this past year and was absolutely blown away. It was, hands down, the most incredible show I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this Memorial Day weekend in one of the most awe-inspiring venues in the world.

Griz is another amazing live performer who has single handedly made the saxophone uber cool. His shows are consistently super fun, high energy and diverse: he can easily swing between sounding extra funky and dubby, all in the same set. Griz manages to play his sax and mix at the same time, which takes extreme talent and skill. STS9, or Sound Tribe Sector 9, are wildly talented musicians who create psychedelic jams with an electronic undercurrent. Improvisation is always a part of their live performances, which creates a truly unique and special show each time they play.  

Need a taste?

Check out the playlist I made on Spotify below.  It features a few songs from each artist who will be performing that weekend.

The Venue

Photos never do this magical place justice. I’ve had the pleasure of going to the Gorge twice and each time I’m reminded of how inadequate photos/memories can be; it’s always more gorgeous and breathtaking than I remember. In lots of ways, you feel transported to another planet. The main stage sits perched literally on the edge of the gorge and the views stretch on beyond in all directions. If you are over 21 there are lookouts in designated bars on either side of the stage that offer an unobstructed view. Each time I’m there, I make sure to allot some time to just take the view in. Sunsets there too are unreal. A word of caution: the temperatures can be in the upper 90’s during the day and dip into the 50’s at night since it’s in the high desert. Make sure to dress accordingly with layers!

Snag your tickets here!

Photo by Karen Baghdadi
Video from End of the Rainbow’s Facebook group

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