Art With Me: Tulum’s Art and Sustainability Festival

Photo Source: Art With Me’s Facebook Page

Art With Me is an art, music, sustainability, food, wellness and culture festival located in Tulum, Mexico. This extremely unique festival is based on seven pillars: Art With Me, Care With Me, Dance With Me, Eat With Me, Breathe With Me, Play With Me, and Give With Me. Join this 5 day thought-provoking event that delves into Tulum’s delicate ecology and how we can sustain it into the future, and celebrates the culture of Tulum and Mexico.

Art With Me

Art With Me: Experience large scale art installations, art galleries, exhibition events and more of many international artists. Learn more about the artists with work being displayed at Art With Me HERE.

Dance With Me

Dance With Me: Join incredible DJs and live bands as they perform at Art With Me on the beaches of Tulum. Different artists spanning across many different genres of music will be playing during the day and well into the night. Learn about musical artists performing at Art With Me HERE.

Care With Me

Care With Me: This is the true core and meaning of this festival. Teaching and inspiring others about sustainability, especially within the music festival industry and specifically within the delicate ecosystem of Tulum. Art With Me will have “Inspiring talks, workshops, and interactive experiences focused around our core mission of bringing ecological awareness and sustainability to Tulum and the planet.” Learn more about the ecological workshops at Art With Me HERE.

Breathe With Me

Breathe With Me: Another pillar of the festival is holistic wellness. Art With Me will have speakers and teachers giving class on plant medicine healing, cacao ceremonies, meditation, drum circles, yoga, ecstatic dance, sweat lodges and more. Learn about teachers who will be at Art With Me and ceremonies/classes being performed HERE.

Learn more about Art With Me and buy tickets at the official website here.

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