goTenna Mesh – No Cell Service, No Problem

Every festival goer has experienced having no cell service at a festival and it becomes a problem when you’re trying message your friends.  Meet goTenna Mesh, a small device that seamlessly connects to your phone via Bluetooth and offers you an intuitive private messaging platform through the goTenna app.  In order for you to receive and send messages, all parties must have the device and goTenna app.  You can chat one on one or even have group chats up to 10 people. The range of the device is up to 4 miles and if someone in your area also has the goTenna mesh device, your phone hops on to theirs and the range of the network extends even more.

The goTenna app will show you the battery percentage of the device and it typically hold its charge for at least a day.  The goTenna mesh charges via USB cable and it becomes fully charge within a hour. The interface of the messaging system is very familiar, messages are time stamped and each person messaging is identifiable. Only thing we wished it was capable of doing is sending picture messages, but as of right now it is only text. The device is small and lightweight as you can easily clip it on to anything or store in your bag.  We tested this device at several festivals (Lollapalooza, Shambhala Music Festival, Das Energi, Burning Man, etc.) and we found that it was easy connect and use. We never had trouble messaging and finding one another when we got separated.  Except when getting messages like, “I’m in the middle of the crowd of the pagoda stage, near a led jellyfish totem and a person holding up blown up dinosaur?” (Festival Things). 

Starting at $179 you can buy a pair of goTenna Mesh or $329 for a pack of 4.  The device is worth every penny. Click here to find out more and purchase.  No more failed messages sent and missed messages.  

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