G Jones: The Ineffable Truth Tour Continues

It has been a week since G Jones began the second leg of The Ineffable Truth tour. The first stop was in Orlando, FL. This was a special show because it was his first ever headline show in Florida! I had been looking forward to this tour ever since he dropped the album The Ineffable Truth back on October 26, 2018. Greg Jones, otherwise known as G Jones, had been working on this album for almost 2 years. He created a musical masterpiece filled with genre-bending and unlike any of his other work.

Photo by Shutterfinger

G Jones is the type of artist who creates whatever makes him happy and isn’t classified as one genre. He produces progressive music with an innovative sound. This album is layered with trap, dubstep, bass, and experimental music. Not only is there a diverse range of sounds on this album, but there are also clean transitions that seamlessly flow into each other to the point where you can’t tell where one song ends and the next begins. If you’re ready to dive deep into an inspirational musical journey, listen here on Spotify.

The Show

For the second leg of the tour, G Jones announced that he had put in endless hours working on the show creating an even more immersive experience. He also tweeted to fans that this live show is his favorite thing he has created so far.

G Jones is known for his black and white hypnotic visuals and unique sound that pull fans through a wormhole into his world where time doesn’t seem to exist. Being at his show was like a dream that takes you to an alternate universe. He also has multiple unreleased songs incorporated to the sets for this tour. He played one unreleased song with Eprom and two others named Abney’s Quest and Dark Artifact, which he ID’d on Twitter.

Photo by Shutterfinger

The Ineffable Truth tour finishes off at Bonnaroo in June. Tickets for G Jones’ tour can be purchased through his website. This is a show you don’t want to miss! 


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