You’re Invited to The Glitch Mob’s Intimate Gathering

Cover photo taken from The Glitch Mob’s Facebook page

You read that right. The ridiculously talented, festival headlining, worldwide touring Glitch Mob is going on tour and only playing intimate shows. The Levitation Club Tour aims to give you, the fans, a unique experience that isn’t typically had at a larger festival. The trio is “ready to strip it down to bare essentials for this upcoming club tour” and “let the music speak.”

They go on to say on their Facebook page,

“We are stripping it down and taking it back to our roots with a series of intimate club sets. No big production— just you, us and the music. This is a chance for us to play tunes we don’t always get to play—music from deep in our catalog, music from other artists. This is going to be a special one. See you on the dance floor.”

If you’ve see them perform in the last few years you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Blade and all its glory; the photo The Glitch Mob has uploaded to their Facebook and Instagram (above) announcing the tour does not include the Blade. This leads us to believe we will be getting a raw Glitch Mob, which I am personally really excited for something a little different. With these guys headlining festivals in 2018 such as both weekends of Electric Forest, Lightning in a Bottle, Imagine and Shambhala, it would be a walk in the park for them to play large venues that hold a few thousand fans. The fact that they are choosing to only play smaller venues speaks volumes to their fierce love for their fans; the intimate quality of show for the fans ultimately wins over quantity of tickets sold. This tour is about giving you the opportunity to get up close and connect with them in a way that may not be possible at a huge festival.

I first saw them perform at Weekend 1 of Electric Forest and I was SHOOK. I’ve been a longtime fan and knew I would really love them live, but I was not at all prepared for the life changing performance they delivered. They played all of their bangers, both old and new, including Skullclub, Animus Vox, Our Demons, Drive It Like You Stole It and Fortune Days. I could have danced all night to their music and while I know this tour will be different, I hope to walk away with the same elated feeling.

Weekend 1 at Electric Forest. Photo taken from the Glitch Mob’s Facebook page.

To get you in the mood for their tour, check out their Do Lab Mix they created in 2016. WARNING: it’s best to avoid operating heavy machinery after minute 38:00 as that’s when this mix catches FIRE.

Scoop your tickets here for the 2019 Levitation Club Tour but don’t wait because these shows will sell out quickly and this is a tour you don’t want to sleep on. Catch me at 45 East in Portland!

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