Boogie T.our Offers Insane Meet and Greet Package

Photos taken from Boogie T’s Facebook

Unlike Boogie T’s usual heavier and bass-focused sets, his live band Boogie T.RIO offers an insanely funky and groovy experience that any jam enthusiast will fall in love with. After the massive success of its Electric Forest Weekend Two debut, the band is currently preparing to embark on its first national Boogie T.our this month!

With around 50 shows scheduled and announced, the tour will begin on January 25th in New Orleans and finish on April 14th in Orlando, with support at certain venues to include Russ Liquid, Steady Flow, Digital Ethos, and Esseks.

Something particularly notable about this tour is the epic Meet & Greet Package that is available for purchase at participating venues! Seriously, I have never seen such a stacked Meet & Greet Package.

Without fees, Meet & Greet Packages are sold for $75 and include everything in this screenshot from Ticketfly:

These Meet & Greet Packages are limited, and I highly recommend purchasing it sooner than later! For those who are more unfamiliar with Boogie T.RIO’s sound, check out the Electric Forest 2018 set to get an idea of the jam you’re in for! I have been listening to this set on repeat for the past several weeks, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

You can learn more information about the Boogie T.our and purchase tickets here. I hope to catch some of you at the Milwaukee show in March!

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