[Exclusive Interview] The Floozies Prepare for Envision Festival

Cover photo taken from The Floozies’ Facebook page

Envision Festival is just about a month away and the excitement for one of the largest music festivals in the jungle is building. The line up is full of some of electronics music’s grooviest musicians. Venturing down to the jungle for the first time will be the Floozies duo. We had the opportunity to interview Mark Hill the drummer about how excited they are to head down south, what we can expect from their performance, and information about a new album.

Festival Squad: Previously, Matt was loading boxes into UPS trucks and Mark was washing dishes at a country club and now you guys have toured all over the US (sold out shows and major festival appearances) and will be taking your sound to Costa Rica this February. How are you guys feeling right now? How do you define success for your music?

Mark Hill (drums) of The Floozies: We feel great. Life is beautiful. Our definition of success is doing what we love and making a living. And really love being able to make people smile and dance. Best part by far.

FS: Have you ever played in Costa Rica before? What about the festival are you most excited for? Will you have some time to travel when you attend the festival? If so what will you see?
MH: Nope, never been! Excited to just be there and relax. As well as experience a new environment entirely. Feel fortunate to even see Costa Rica in person. Warm ocean water is calling heyoooo. Great lineup too so we will be checking out lots of tunes.

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FS: The Envision lineup is very funky this year. What do you think that says about the state of electronic funk right now? Do you think Costa Rica is ready?
Certainly a lot bigger in the electronic scene than it was when we first started. Which is awesome and exciting. The more the merrier. I love that we can be around awesome talented music all the time. Everybody is ready for funk, it’s easy, just be yourself and dance if you feel good.

FS: Can we expect anything special for the set down in the jungle? When you perform do you stick to a set list or are your sets more fluid than that?
MH: Our sets are very fluid and depend almost entirely on how we are feeling and what we’ve been taking in lately (musically and environmentally). I imagine the set will be much different than anything we’ve done before. It always ends up that way no matter our plan. So first time in Costa Rica? It’s going to be reaaaal fun haha.

FS: Since your 2017 album, Funk Jesus, we’ve had two releases from you. Are these part of a larger project or just one offs? Will you be making another album?
MH: Been working on lots of tunes. Going to take our time with the singles maybe put out a few more, but we are aiming towards a really epic live album when the right moment comes along.

FS: Go to road trip snack of choice?
MH: Ginger shots, harmless coconut water for me. Keep me feeling great!

Envision Music Festival will be taking place February 28th to March 3rd in Costa Rica. More information and tickets can be found here

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