Rainbow Serpent Festival: Must-See Artists

Written by: Adam Alloy
Photo Credit: Rainbow Serpent Festival Facebook

Everybody knows Rainbow Serpent is the best party in Victoria all year. With an out of this world lineup spanning over a hundred DJs, producers, and bands from across Australia and the globe, it’s a challenge to decide where to shake your booty all day. That’s why we’ve put together this list of must-see sets at Rainbow Serpent 2019.

Random Rab

Fearless and fun, Random Rab’s music is a portal through which one can enter a flow state. On the dance floor, surrounded by thousands of people, Rab transports his listeners to worlds all of their own. The San Francisco based multi-instrumentalist and producer made a name for himself with his unparalleled Burning Man sunrise sets. His psytrance mixes trip hop and Arabic influences to produce something uniquely sexy.

Adrian Bell

Adrian Bell has worked tirelessly to build a reputation as one of the best techno DJs in Melbourne. Another veteran of Rainbow Serpent, he’s proven an ability to drop bomb track after bomb track that keep Serpents slithering all night long. Adrian’s productions are dark, complex, and ever evolving with wicked drums, hovers, and hums. He’s guaranteed to keep the people dancing until the sun comes up.


Megapixel has that artistic drive and oddball outlook which is shared by everyone who grows up in Perth and feels the itch to break out into the rest of the world. Her high BMP sets are legendary at doofs across Australia, bringing people together with infectious grooves. Megapixel is a veteran of Rainbow Serpent so when she hits the stage multi-instrumentalist she’ll be bringing her A-Game. Her passion, skill, and drive shine through her frenzied fast tracks. You’ll need a while to recover after her set.

Dense One

Following up his smash performance at November’s Dragon Dreaming with his first appearance at Rainbow, Melbourne’s Dense One is going to tear the night apart. His eclectic electronic sets span the range from drum n bass to dubstep to glitch hop.  He can throw down juicy filthy tracks that drive people to lose themselves and following those tracks with music of joy and triumph.


This Berlin-based boss babe is coming to channel light and joy into your heart. Coming straight from the seedy nightclubs of Germany to the biggest doof in Victoria, Eluize’s set is not to be missed. She mixes house and techno to produce states of intense euphoria on the dance floor. Expect the unexpected.


Rainbow Serpent veterans, 8 Foot Felix, are bringing their unique brand of jamming pirate rock back to Playground Stage. If you’re ready for a change of pace away after a weekend of psytrance, techno, and house then 8 Foot Felix will bring you a delightful reprieve. Claiming to be the crew of an 1800s pirate ship, launched hundreds of years into the future, bringing a treasure trove of pure joy and music into the future. The band is full on multi-instrumentalist fun: with wacky onstage antics, an unforgettable horn section, and costumes straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean.


One of the biggest names at Rainbow Serpent, Bluetech is a sonic wizard conjuring lucid delectable soundscapes for all to enjoy. His experimental psytrance is minimal and gorgeous, with sounds so sublime they would drive a raver to tears. His music is progressive, beautiful, and in a class of its own. Hailing from San Diego, California, Bluetech is one of the major international acts being flown in for Rainbow Serpent.

Ticket Information

Rainbow Serpent is January 25-28th in Lexton, Victoria. There are only a few hundred tickets left so grab yours here fast! 

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