Kandy Carnival: The Last Hoorah!


With nearly two decades under their belt, Hard Kandy is joining forces with Harder Styles United (HSU) and Finders Keepers once again. Bringing some of the biggest names in the harder styles down under, Kandy Carnival returns to Melbourne’s Festival Hall this December for a night filled with shenanigans in true carnival fashion! Check out the lineup below.

This year’s edition of Kandy Carnival features eight of the biggest and best names in the hardstyle scene and will be hosted by none other than the voice of hardstyle himself: MC Villain! Get to know the artists below. 


Dutch DJs D-Block & S-te-fan will return to the Kandy Carnival stage this year for another incredible performance. The duo is known for their eerie inspired melodic sounds and have seen success all across the world with their energetic performances. Check out their most popular track below.


Dutch DJ and producer Radical Redemption has been the man behind the new generation of hardstyle artists. With a passion for all types of music, he eventually developed his own unique sound and style and is now one of the biggest names in the harder styles. Check out his most popular track below.


Dutch DJ and producer Psyko Punkz has been dominating the hardstyle scene with his explosive sounds. With over a decade of hair-raising anthems and energetic performances, this artist is not one that should be missed! Check out his most popular track below.


Hardstyle rock stars Frequencerz will be returning down under to quake the grounds of Festival Hall and have the entire crowd cheering. Collaborating with some of the biggest names in the scene, the Dutch duo has performed on the biggest stages in the world and is ready to take on the Australian crowd once more. Check out their most popular track below.


Australian born DJ and producer Code Black returns home this summer and is ready to showcase his incredible talent. One of the most recognisable names in the scene, the Holland-based artist recently released his debut album ‘Journey’ and will be presenting his latest masterpiece down under for the first time. Check out his most popular track below.


Known as one of the top hardcore DJs in the world, English hardcore producer Gammer will bring a UK twist to Kandy Carnival. The happy hardcore artist has dedicated his life to the scene whilst putting his own unique spin on it. With popular tracks ‘The Drop’ and ‘Party Don’t Stop’ charting with millions of streams, the party definitely will not stop with Gammer! Check out his most popular track below.


Dutch duo Sound Rush has been representing the next generation of artists with their incredible talent. The twin brothers have quickly risen to fame with their signature sounds and have even collaborated with some of the veterans in the industry! Recently signing to the Art Of Creation record label, these guys are just getting started! Check out their most popular track below.


Melbourne’s favourite rising star Synthsoldier will return to the Festival Hall stage to play alongside the impressive international lineup. With a strong passion for the scene from a young age, he has become one of Australia’s most promising hardstyle DJs and has played at the biggest events in the country! Check out his most popular track below.

Step right up, because the freakshow is back for one last hoorah! Tickets are still available but selling fast! Grab your ticket here before the event sells out and see you at the carnival!

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