Wonderfruit 2018: Breaking Boundaries

Photo Credit: Wonderfruit Facebook Page
Written by: Kanin and Thanita Phuvanatnaranubala

In a world where many countries are leaning towards nationalism, Wonderfruit returns to Thailand this December to celebrate diversity in full swing, bringing together musical pioneers from all over the world and great local excitements. And this time around, the lineup is more diverse than ever. 

So far, headlining the festival at the Living Stage is the drum and bass pioneer Goldie, who shook the world with his genre-defining album Timeless, and the legendary trip-hop/downtempo DJ-producer Nightmare on Wax

Also set to appear at the main stage is international Thai-Swedish singer Sirintip and her ever-charming, more-than-just-pop songs, as well as the legendary Thai reggae group Job2Do. Thais (and expats who’ve been here awhile) will undoubtedly be spotted singing along to their 2005 smash hit ‘Do-Ther-Tum (Doo Doo Doo).’ 

At the Solar Stage, the Indonesian pop-folk duo Stars and Rabbit will bring their mystical yet animated beauty with raw vocals. Up-and-coming US rapper Kweku Collins will bring his unique rap style and melody, and the local 60s surf-rock inspired band Costlywood will also play at the Theatre Stage. 

The diversity doesn’t stop there. Carmen Rizzo & Huun Huur Tu will bring their traditional compositions all the way from Tuva, Russia. Howie Lee, China’s cyber music master, will be performing. And LA’s finest funky dance duo KNOWER, who gets even funkier live with that saxophone, will be grooving out. 

The pot of this mixed stew is perhaps most densely flavored at the Forbidden Fruit and Quarry stages. DJs from all over the world will gather to these stages. From Japan (CYK, Alixkun, and Sisi), Korea (Jesse You), the UK (Fleetmac Wood with their dance remixes of Fleetwood Mac, and Craig Richardson), the US (Horse Meat Disco and Bobby Pleasure), and Canada (Cobletone Jazz). And the lineup is just getting started.

In a world where so many can get caught up by the politics of borders, why not break down musical walls and national barriers with us? Wonderfruit is coming into full bloom this December 13-16th at Siam Country Club, Pattaya, Thailand.

Tickets are on sale now here. Get a feel for the performing artists with the official playlist below. Hope to see you in Thailand this December!

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