CRSSD Fall Festival 2018 Proves to Bring The Fashion and Fun Yet Again

CRSSD Fall Festival has rightfully earned its spot as a staple in the Southern California festival scene. A lighthearted event that combines the perfect San Diego sunshine with fabulous food and drink, and of course, a diverse lineup – what more could the people want?

Well, the answer to that is fashion, and CRSSD always delivers that, too.

This 21+ crowd is always brimming with the latest trends and statements, and is so funky it almost makes us forget about all of the $13 drinks we spent our money on. Whatever, they were delicious, anyway. And what other festival do you know of that has a rose bar?

Winning the #1 spot in festival trend for CRSSD this year was without a doubt, cheetah print. And if this means the beloved bold print is making its comeback, then I am so here for it.

Musical highlights were as vast and diverse as they come, and I found myself unable to leave the Ocean View stage this year.

Flight Facilities gave us the energetic and groovy set we had all hoped for that perfectly accompanied their magical sunset spot. I don’t think I’ll forget about the nostalgia-inducing performance of Crave You, ever.

Elderbrook injected a new life into Cola that many of us have yet to see live.

Soffi Tukker put on an energetic performance that got the crowd jumping and more involved than most artists can pull off. It was a party that kept a smile plastered to everyone’s face.

Photo Credit: Felicia Garcia

While every artist in attendance absolutely brought their A Game, Marian Hill was my chosen winner of the proverbial crown for CRSSD this year. Her crystallized attire danced in the spotlights as she serenaded us with all of her sultry tunes. It was the kind of set that makes one proud to be a woman.


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