It’s that HAUNTING Time of the Year—BOO! AZ is Here

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Written by Andrea Villareal


Attention to all creatures of the night! It’s that time of the year again for your inner monster to come out and let loose because BOO! AZ is just around the corner. BOO! is by far my personal favorite festival of the year where you can have your true weirdness come out and shine in the moonlight.

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For Arizona’s edition of BOO! we have an incredibly stacked lineup featuring 1788-L, Blunts & Blondes, Arius, Boogie T, Tynan, and so many more incredible artists! If you’re like me and enjoy the dark heavy beats that put you in trance, you’ll definitely want to see 1788-L and Lick who are both amazing artists! Lick is one of my personal favorites because he brings back the memories of the underground rave scene to a modern festival vibe. His tracks are the best for all types of activities—In the mood for music while playing video games? He’s got you. Need some go-to music for a night out driving? He’s got you. Need to throw down at a festival? You guessed it, he’s got you.

Now if the heavy dark trance stuff isn’t for you, don’t you worry—the lineup also features artists like Kayzo and Habstrakt with beats that are perfect for hyping you up and getting wild with your squad. Both artists have great music for dancing, whether you’re cutting shapes, breaking necks or shuffling your heart out. I came across Kayzo on my Spotify radio and immediately fell in love with his sounds. It’s amazing to me how he’s able to put out so many different beats in all of his tracks.

Festivals are perfect for the people out there who love to let loose, dress up and just vibe with others just like themselves. Halloween-inspired festivals are the best because they give you a chance to bring out some real creativity with what costumes or outfits that you can put together. You can be something simple as a butterfly or as complex as the mad hatter whose lost down the rabbit hole.

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You won’t want to miss this year’s Halloween festival brought to you by Relentless Beats who keep the EDM scene alive out here in the Arizona desert. BOO! AZ is creeping up real soon, so we hope to see you in your crazy costumes and impressive theatrical makeup! For last minute GA or VIP tickets purchase them here!

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