3 Reasons to See The Crystal Method On Tour

Chances are if you’ve been a fan of electronic music for a sizable part of your life, you are familiar with The Crystal Method. Originally a duo but more recently a solo act, Scott Kirkland heads out on “The Trip Home Tour” to re-familiarize fans with the best of The Crystal Method’s past, the present and maybe even some indications of what’s to come from the iconic entity.

“The Trip Home” album arrives as The Crystal Method celebrates 25 years on the music scene, no small feat in any genre, nevermind the fickle world of dance music. The new album provides for all – from The Crystal Method purists in love with their thrilling, sneaky synths to the newcomer carrying a desire for heartfelt melodies paired with thundering bass. The tour kicked off Friday, September 28 in The Crystal Method’s birthplace, Las Vegas, NV and we collected a few reasons these shows are not to be missed:

  1. Umm…It’s The Crystal Method

Hardly needs to be expanded upon but The Crystal Method is required reading for anyone who wants to have an educated understanding of how we got to where we are today. Many sounds, samples and techniques used today evolved from what was happening in electronic music in the mid-90’s. Continuing on your musical journey without jumping at the chance to see The Crystal Method is kind of like building a house without first pouring the concrete – it’s not going to end well.


  1. The Fans

As those lucky enough to witness the poolside kickoff show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas can attest, the crowd for The Crystal Method brought all walks of life out to party. There was representation from the old, the young and on the topic of fashion, phat pants were in the building. The feel good vibe spread across the dance floor and into the nearby cabanas as fans were free to consume the music as they wished – either up front soaking up the mesmerizing LED’s or witnessing the spectacle from a distance. We’re not saying there’s a pool at every stop on the tour but we are saying the vibes are sure to be wavy.


  1. It’s a Tour With a Purpose

The “comeback tour” can sometimes smack of a money grab scenario – an old favorite trots out some feel-good hits and everyone goes home feeling warm, fuzzy and maybe a little underwhelmed. “The Trip Home” features equal parts throwback and dynamic futurism, delivering an experience that feels both familiar and like new territory all at once. Moments of the set felt like they would be right at home in a prime time slot at any festival across the country – a testament to the fact that The Crystal Method doesn’t just have a good album, but also incredible talent and a sense for what the crowd wants to hear.

“The Trip Home” tour goes through February 2019 and tickets are on sale for all dates. Click here for tickets and more news on The Crystal Method.

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