Same Place, New Faces at Lost Lands

cover photo taken by Don Idio photos taken by Danny McColl Smith

ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE!!?? Less than a few days away from the prehistoric party, Lost Lands Fam new and OG are getting ready to roam Legend Valley. Excision‘s Lost Lands competed with veteran festivals in its inaugural year as a fan favorite for a number of reasons. I was lucky enough to make history last year walking with dinosaurs alongside thousands of headbangers as well as securing an interview with the then, new to the festival scene Sullivan King. On my tour this year alone I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of the talented Lost Lands roster. I’ll just say Excision knows what he’s doing curating lineups.

OG Lost Lands Artists:

REZZ: I finally got to see what all the hype is about this summer. Two personal favorite REZZ sets: Lollapalooza and Moonrise. REZZ‘s style is so entrancing aurally and visually and for Lost Lands sake, surely you’ll feel the bass. Consider embarking on the journey with Space Mom and joining The Cult of REZZ for Lost Lands.

Kai Wachi: So much energy from Kai Wachi. His 2017 Lost Lands set was pretty dope. One of three awesome acts I got to see all in one night at the BTSM Ceremony Tour at Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. His music goes in a few directions, all of which are tight if you like hard music with heavy beats.

Sullivan King: The man has been extremely busy since our conversation last year. Touring with BTSM, leading his own concert tour, as well as shredding festivals. The DJ Rockstar is producing quality work in a major way. After seeing Phaseone in concert earlier this year, I knew immediately him and Sullivan King might be an insane collaboration. It doesn’t sound too farfetched with Lost Lands around the corner. If you’re a metal enthused headbanger, check out Sullivan King.

BTSM: aka Black Tiger Sex Machine, a tiger helmet wearing trio who always keeps the crowd engaged with their sermon. I’ve attended their church a few times; great sermon in the Cave of Souls (RIP) last year. I enjoyed their Athens show because it was more of an intimate set, awesome crowd and great supporting acts. I’m not one to push my ideological beliefs on others, but their church is something to attend if you have the time and open mind.

Downlink: I’ve only had the chance to see Downlink a few times, most recently on The Origins Tour with Ganja White Night. AMAZING show if you caught it at The Tabernacle in Atlanta earlier this year. This year at Lost Lands Downlink will perform b2b with the head honcho himself, so it’d be in your best interest to check out his set.

New Lost Lands Artists:

Ganja White Night: A dope duo from Belgium who has been shaking the electronic scene with heavy wobbles. Their stop in Atlanta was amongst top sets I’ve seen this year. All their sets I’ve seen this year: Atlanta, Okeechobee (x2), and most recently at Moonrise have been badass. Ganja White Night‘s storyline visuals in unison with their wonky dub wubs is a sensation for your senses. Pumped to see them on this year’s lineup. PS: I’d love to get one (Large) of those orange ‘Wobble’ jackets they wore at Moonrise if anyone knows where to get one. Thanks.

EPTIC: I had no idea about EPTIC until my friends won tickets to see his show in Atlanta. It was a smaller crowd, but everyone had so much intensity. It didn’t stop the intimate crowd from headbanging and opening up for mosh pits. EPTIC will put use to a portion of the 1,000,000 watts of bass at Lost Lands for sure.

Blunts & Blondes: Two great things paired in one name. It was cool to catch the Florida native on a Friday night in Tampa late May. I can appreciate his energy as he always keeps the crowd hype. Another artist on the rise as he’s been alongside great company all year. Yes he is on the “undercard” for both Lost Lands and Frequency Burst this weekend, but don’t sleep on Blunts & Blondes; he’s been recruited for a reason.

These are just a handful of artists I’ve seen and would advise checking out at Lost Lands. Two stages makes it more manageable to see a little bit of many artists. No conundrum of four overlapping artists at once. Don’t forget the Late Night Sound Camps! I’m unfamiliar with many of the artists, but they are artists playing for their passion and YOUR entertainment. Lost Lands 2017 was legendary and a great community blossomed from it. If this will be your first Lost Lands stay excited and try to get prepared. OG’s you already know. Everyone get ready to rumble for Lost Lands 2018!


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