What I Wore To Shambhala 2018: A Closer Look at 5 Independent Designers

Lately, I have been obsessed with festival fashion. I find myself constantly scouring Instagram to find the hottest trends and accessories. I have become a slave to #festivalfashion and #festivalstyle feeds. I have found the best festival style fashionistas in the world and admired their curated looks.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved dressing up and I have always loved getting sparkly when I can. But over the past several months, I have really been really paying attention to designers, labels, and specific styles. I began to really admire the brands, labels and handmade artists in our colorful community, and I decided that I wanted the opportunity to showcase some of the ones I had my eye on. Throughout the month of August, I will be sharing my favorite festival fashion looks, as worn by yours truly. I also want to introduce you to some incredible women/designers who are taking festival fashion to the next level. These companies are who I suggest you add to your Instagram follow list so that you stand out from the crowd at your next festival. Without further ado, here is what I wore to Shambhala Music Festival this past weekend.

Thursday – Purple Peacock Magic

I found Felicity through Instagram after looking for some handmade pieces. A big trend in the fashion space right now? Upcycling. For those who do not know, upcycling is the process of making an older closet piece glam. Felicity, aka Purple Peacock Magic, did exactly that to this jean jacket. She added fringe and handpainted words and flowers, making it a perfect daytime summer look. The jacket was oversized, allowing air to pass through and perfect for Thursday at Shambhala.

Designer Location: United Kingdom


Facebook: www.facebook.com/PurplePeacockMagic

Instagram: @PurplePeacockMagic


How did you get started in this business? I’ve always loved bright patterned clothing. Over the years I’ve not been one to dress the norm. I’ve attended festivals for about ten years but the past 5 I’ve attended were themed ones where they are very visual and its all about colour! Being at a festival makes u able to push the boundaries of colour and silliness. You wear items people would think laughable in the day to day life.

What is your favorite part about festival fashion? About a year ago there was a beautiful unicorn dress from a brand called TemperlyLondonn (totally out of my price range). I posted it on Instagram and said how I’d love to have it and a friend simply said ‘Why don’t you make it?’. It was like a lightbulb moment. I began playing with different fabrics.. making samples of headdresses, kimonos and upcycling jackets. Now I tend to want to push the colour clashes and patterns more.. its just a case of getting these ideas from my head to making them.

Who is one designer you’d love to collaborate with? There’s a designer called l.o.m shes incredible. Her patterned festival clothing is just perfect.. and I’m pom-pom obsessed which she fashions so that always helps! Also, BurntSoul clothing has the best catsuits!

Whats your favorite piece in your own shop? My fave item at the moment is an orange and black diamond checkered kimono with purple fur trim.. its wild! Perfect to stand out in a crowd.

What do you enjoy creating? I have a lot to learn in this business as I’m quite a newbie but my passion for colour and floaty glittery fabrics and love for festivals override any doubt I have about making my items. The dream is to have a shed/office in my garden. I have a sewing room but bigger always helps. To work in my den and send fabulous items to those around the world and bring joy to them wearing them. I want the ‘wow’ factor and for people to recognize my brand as a line they follow and choose for the fun in their lives. I like the items to be individual so each person has their own ‘look’.

Fun fact about your business: Fun fact… I recently fashioned a beautiful pink kimono at a festival and went into a colour run (paint powder thrown at each other). I found out the hard way – do not play in paint powder if you want to keep any items!

Thursday Night – Meraki Hats

I’m not sure that I’ll ever get sick of the military hat look. And if you’re looking for gorgeous, customizable hats at a great price, look no further than Meraki Hats. I also found these girls through Instagram after seeing her photos from Lightning In A Bottle. I saw that they made vibrant and colorful hats like I had never seen before, each of them made with rhinestones and/or studs. When mine arrived, it was better than I could have imagined. The hat is black and gold, complete with color changing sequins at the top and a beautiful horn-like centerpiece. Paired with a gold and black see-thru bodysuit, this outfit was nothing short of a hit. 

Designer Location: San Diego, California


Instagram: @MerakiHats



Bio on Meraki Hats: Meraki Hats Is a festival hat business that was started by two best friends that thrive off of each other’s creativity. Meraki is a Greek word meaning to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in your work! We started Meraki Hats to spread our love and creativity to others through our art!

How did your business get started? It started with two best friends with a unique creative side and the desire to share our art with others!

What is your favorite part about festival fashion? We love the freedom of expression at festivals and how you can wear whatever you want and feel so free. We love to see everyone’s creativity come alive at festivals through fashion.

Who is one designer you would love to collaborate with? Lizzie Rose and Paris Sinclair, they are both such queens and their creativity never ceases to amaze us!

Whats your favorite piece in your own shop? That’s a hard one, every piece has a special place in our heart! I think our customs we do are our favorite! It’s always so awesome hearing someone’s ideas and inspiration and having the free reign to create the perfect hat for them!

What do you enjoy creating? We enjoy creating hats that help people bring out there inner diva!

Fun Fact about your business: Every hat is individually handmade with Meraki.

Years in business: 1 year


Friday – Sea Dragon Studio (right)

For those of you who know me, know that I love to dance. When I say dance, I don’t mean do the salmon slide from right to left and then back and forth again… I mean I really like to get down. My friend Amanda tells me that when we fest together, her quads usually hurt the next day. What can I say? I used to dance competitively in hip-hop, and festivals are now one of the few outfits I have left to get my groove on! But I digress. In order to drop it low, you need breathable, stretchy fabric. Ladies (and gents), say hello to Sea Dragon Studio. Sea Dragon Studio makes incredible holographic pants, leg warmers, arm sleeves, face masks, crop tops, bodysuits and more. And ALL are in different colors or patterns but in the same great sweat wicking + stretchy fabric. Not to mention, it was the perfect color combo for my Sci-Friday group theme.

Designer Location: Bali, Indonesia


Facebook: www.facebook.com/SeaDragonStudio




How did you get started in this business? I’ve always loved messy crafternoons & messing around on the sewing machine, putting together a fabulous & unique costumer for a festival, party or Halloween (my favourite). While living in Melbourne & enjoying the many amazing festivals Australia has to offer, I had the chance to experiment & create more than ever. I loved making outfits for myself and my friends to hit the dancefloor in. Just after sunset one hight at Rainbow Serpent Festival, a good friend said to me “you know you should sell this stuff’, I told him he was crazy and brushed it off. Two weeks later I bought my first industrial sewing machine and Sea Dragon Studio was born.

What is your favorite part about festival fashion? I love the way festival fashion allows people to feel completely free, you can be whoever you want to be at a festival, no matter who you are, where you come from or what you look like. Festival fashion is whatever you want it to be, you can express yourself without bounds. I love that.

Who is one designer you’d love to collaborate with? We love collaborating with other amazing designers and brands. Some of our favourites to work with are  Easy Tiger Jewellery, Purple City Wear, Mad Dame Glitter &  Good to Glow.

Whats your favorite piece in your own shop? I’m terrible at choosing favourites because I love sparkly things so much but I have to say the Disco Jumpsuit is one piece I will not travel without. It looks super glam but feels like pajamas. It’s my secret weapon.

What do you enjoy creating? Something that’s really important to me is making clothing that not only looks fabulous but also feels fabulous. One of the reasons I started making Sea Dragon is because I found I had a lot of fun things to wear but they were all really complicated or would cut or pinch you when you were wearing them (sequins… I’m looking at you). When I came across our signature Sea Dragon Skin Holographic material I knew it was perfect. Its stretchy, smooth, breathable, mega sparkly and it is MOOP free, meaning it won’t drop sparkles or sequins all over the dancefloor which is really important to me. I love making fabulous & comfortable garments for literally everybody, from baby leggings to wedding outfits & everything in between.

Fun fact about your business: Sea Dragon Studio was secretly a one-woman show for the first 2.5 years of its life. From the designing, creating patterns & sewing to website design & photography, I even stamped my own business cards!

Years in business: 4 MAGICAL YEARS

Saturday – Cyber Funk Designs

I found Cyberfunk designs by looking around for designers that were really edgy. I wanted something vibrant, fun, and could push the boundaries of festival fashion. Cyber Funk designs are exactly that. Upon viewing their Instagram page, you’ll be greeted with loads of neon colors, styled in a different fashion than your traditional raver. These colors are used in coordination with wild hairstyles, plaid patterns, and animal print. Talk about funky. My group decided on a “Monochrome” theme and this red fishnet dress from Cyberfunk designs was perfect. The slits on the side hit my waist and the red stood out from the crowd. Shop at Cyberfunk and prepare for the compliments.

Designer Location: 

Website: Cyberfunkdesigns.com

Instagram: @Cyberfunkdesigns handled by @da_knees


How did you get started in this business? I was Working at men’s wear house and got laid off. I always wanted to be doing something in fashion and became inspired by going to festivals and seeing the creativity that people would put into their outfits. I said ‘fuck it’ and created Cyber Funk.

What is your favorite part about festival fashion? My favorite part of festival fashion is that you are able to express yourself however you want and there will be no judgment. It is never too much and the more extra you are, the better.

Who is one designer you’d love to collaborate with? It would be a dream to work with Rhianna.

Whats your favorite piece in your own shop? My favorite piece would be the LSD Bodysuit. I love to create sexy outfits, it’s always been my thing.

Fun fact about your business: I started my company with $300.

Years in business: I’ve been in business for 3 years.

Sunday – The Sinner And Saint

Electic, unique, Burner Fashion, and from the UK. These are just a few things that I search for when I am browsing through the internet and trying to find pieces that truly call to me. When I stumbled across The Sinner And Saint, I fell in love. Sammy’s handmade creations come from the motherland of festivals and are created for that “wow” factor. When I found the feathered cuff leopard print kimono, I knew I had to have it. This incredible kimono is designed for the festival fashionista who wants to stand out and feel free. The quality of the material is impeccable, the trim down the center is sparkly and holds tight and the feathers glimmer a hint of green. I was stopped several times at Shambhala with questions about the kimono because it truly is one of a kind.

Designer Location: United Kingdom

Website: www.thesinnerandsaint.co.uk   / www.etsy.com/shop/thesinnerandsaint

Instagram: @thesinnerandsaint

How did you get started in this business? I started out two years ago, I designed some hats for myself and friends to wear at a festival in the UK, I had so many people come up to compliment me on them, it was a time when there were few festival hats about. I think I had only seen the incredible creations by Aumi. I decided to set up an Instagram page, make a few designs and it really took off from there. Within 6 months I had designed a collection for Dollskill! Since then I’ve ventured into clothing, making limited edition pieces, pieces which I hope will be timeless. I hate fast paced or massed produced throwaway fashion. We are all unique individuals and fashion allows us to express who we are. I’m not one for following trends. I make everything myself, and I source all my materials within the UK.


What is your favorite part about festival fashion? There are no rules, no judgment, absolute freedom of expression, a playground for the mind to run wild with creations.


Who is one designer you’d love to collaborate with? Pam Hogg, her clothing gives power to women and she is the ultimate rebel. I love her.


Whats your favorite piece in your own shop? What do you enjoy creating? My favourite piece is The Black Empress hat, it was one of my first designs. I enjoy creating everything I design/make, I’m having a lot of fun creating new pieces such as my feathered cuffed kimonos.


Years in business: 2 Years


Thank you to Purple Peacock Magic, Meraki Hats, Sea Dragon Studio, Cyber Funk Designs + The Sinner And Saint for making my fashion dreams a reality for Shambhala 2018. More designers to be featured for Das Energi!

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