10 Things You Didn’t Know About Splash House

Cowritten by Andrea Hnatievych

Caution: Entering Splash Zone!

Palm Springs, CA is a little bit quieter now that August Splash House has ended and our favorite artists like Louis the Child, Gorgon City, and Gryffin have finished their incredible sets. We’ve packed our floaties, sparkles, and bathing suits away until next June (jk, until the next festival). It was our first time attending here at Festival Squad, so we thought we’d share a few of our miraculous discoveries for those of you who are thinking of taking part in the next round of fun in 2019 and beyond. Here we go, 10 things we learned at SH August ’18:

Photo Taken By Gina Joy

The Resorts are What You Make of Them

The three magnificent hotels of Splash House are decorated ever so beautifully for the course of the long weekend, and exploring them during your stay is a MUST. Have you ever wandered hotel aimlessly with a speaker in hand bumpin’ your favorite tunes? If not, we highly recommend doing so. Elevator dance parties to a little FISHER? We say YES.  And the best part, the tunes will draw in crowds of other fun-loving splashers, and soon you have a conga line running down the halls of The Rivera at 2 am. Chat people up and let the tunes take you where you need to go. And most importantly, leave your door open if you are just kickin’ it, you never know who may wander in.

Alcoholic Juice Boxes (BeatBox Beverages)

You don’t have to be under the age of 12 to drink out of a juice box. Splash House’s partner, BeatBox Beverages, brought the delicious, refreshing and alcoholic pink lemonade juice boxes that tasted like straight juice. Beware: Highly addictive.

When the Beat Drops, the Splash Drops

There’s a clear reason why they call it SPLASH House. If you have a drink in your hand, you better cover it before the beat drops.. take a look for yourself:

Video Taken By Bridgette Reynolds

The melodic timing of splashes throughout the weekend were nothing short of amazing. The pool would be tranquil and then build up in sync to the tunes, like nothing we have ever experienced before! Collectively making magic happen, one tune at a time.

No Makeup, No Problem

Forget about doing your makeup or hair. From the heat to the pool, it will be running down your face or sweating off of you. Fresh-faced goddess is the norm at Splash House. Throw on a little biodegradable glitter with your favorite water-friendly accessories and get ready to get WET! With this mentality also comes a vibe built heavily on self-love and body positivity, splashers are truly all about the love.

Water or Air (Conditioner) Only

Never underestimate the desert heat! If you aren’t in your hotel room with the air conditioner on full blast, you will definitely want to be in the pool at all times. Luckily, August 2018 temperatures went down to a cool 108 degrees, but some other weekends can get up to 120! Plan accordingly. We recommend an umbrella to use while floating around the pool to stay protected.

Photo Taken By Gina Joy

The Shuttle is a Party in Itself (unlike some other famous festivals we know…)

The shuttle is included in your ticket purchase, which will take you to and from all three hotels AND to the Air Museum for after hours. Hell yes! And by shuttle, we mean PARTY BUS! There’s no reason the vibes should die down when en route from hotel to next destination. Dance on the chairs, bust out your favorite dance moves, and make some new house-loving friends,- you’ll be at your next paradise in no time.

Splash House has its Own Fashion Trend

Take everything you know about festival fashion and drown it, literally. Out in these parts, you have to be thinking of the fact that splashes are unavoidable when getting ready for the day. Small inflatable toys, funky sunglasses, glitter, umbrellas, and hand fans reign in these parts. The water factor makes attendees extra creative, pulling together crazy outfits from even simple, dollar-store finds. Bring a convenient waterproof pouch for your phone and you are on your way to having some seriously hilarious memories from the weekend.

Photo Taken By Gina Joy

Saguaro = Party Hotel (& Most Colorful)

Saguaro Palm Springs is very colorful & seems to have the largest party. Part of this may have had to do with it having the smallest pool and pool area, so it seems crazier than Renaissance and Riviera, but either way, it was a splash ;). The rainbow-colored rooms draw in the wildest of crowds.

Photo Taken By Michael Drummond

Pool View = Best View

If you have the opportunity to stay in a room facing the pool, DO IT. It’s convenient and you get the best of both worlds: air condition and music at the comfort of your own room. You can also save some money by drinking your own alcohol on your balcony. Keep an eye out for late night pool & parties, especially at the Riviera. Security is a lot more lax there.

The Lineup is ALWAYS Fire

Year by year, SH announces an itinerary of artists that causes jaws to drop and booties to want to do some shaking, people coming from coast to coast to experience it all. Sometimes DJs even stay the night at the same hotel’s guests do, so there is a solid chance you may see them afterward in someone’s room.

A Couple Musical Highlights from SH August 2018:

Photo Taken By Quinn Tucker

  • Whethan closed down the party Sunday night with their brand new hit, Superlove at the Riviera
  • Fisher surprised us all by being the guest artist Sunday at the Riviera and kept the late night vibes going with After Hours at the Air Museum. Two of the most high-energy sets of the entire weekend!

Photo Taken By Gina Joy

  • Splashing into the sunset with Gorgon City made for an unforgettable Sunday night at the Renaissance, getting lost in the feels with hits like “Imagination” and “Motorola”
  • DROELOE’s impromptu hotel room set at the Riviera Sunday Night broke a few necks for sure, where bottles were passed and beds were jumped on. The heaviest, wompiest set of the weekend undoubtedly
  • We loved living large and feeling good with Gryffin’s DJ set on Saturday. The light-hearted feel was a perfect introduction to the craziest weekend of our lives, bumpin’ favorites such as “Heading Home” and “Feel Good” with the intimate, jungle-like setup of The Riviera’s pool space


Photo Taken By Bridgette Reynolds

Let us know some of the secrets you found out in the comments below..

We’ll see you next year in Palm Springs!

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