HARD Summer: Back and Better Than Ever

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Photo by Doug San Vant for Insomniac


HARD Summer was back at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana on August 4 & 5 and there were MAJOR improvements since their last event at this venue in 2016!

Insomniac went above and beyond to ensure all attendees stayed cool throughout this weekend! With several misting stations and cannons throughout the venue, there was always a spot for attendees to cool down from the insane triple-digit weather (especially my personal favorite spot: Shady Lane! These huge tents with misters in the middle of the speedway made getting to-and-from stages a breeze). In addition, a variety of refillable water stations and booths to purchase drinks were placed all across the venue and near the stages so that getting water was no issue at all. Ground Control and other friendly staff members were spread out ensuring that everyone was taken care of and were tended to if you needed any help or had any questions at all.

Now to my favorite aspect of HARD Summer—the LINEUP. With legendary B2B’s, EDM legends, and rising artists in both the electronic music scene and the hip hop community, there were way too many artists to catch within the two days of this event. With that being said, check out our favorite artists from this weekend—we hope you were able to catch these amazing sets or were able to watch it on the HARD Summer Live Stream if you weren’t able to attend!



Returning for Green Tent 2.0 (after performing at the same exact stage two years ago), Ekali had one of our favorite sets of the weekend which included 18 unreleased songs and recent collabs!

Source: Ekali / Twitter


Be on the lookout for our EXCLUSIVE interview with SAYMYNAME on our site too! 😉

Source: Doug Van Sant for Insomniac


One of our FAVORITE B2B’s from Day 1 was Zeds Dead b2b Jauz—there was not a dull moment throughout their set at ALL and the HARD stage was completely packed! 

Source: Hard Summer / Twitter


Also one of our favorites was Diplo b2b Dillon Francis…or was it Dillpo? Or Diplon. Maybe DilPo Francis? Whichever it is, these two may be incredibly wild but work wonders to make an ever WILDER set. Also—LOVED the suits, racecar, and the custom logo designs they used as part of their visuals!

Source: Doug Van Sant for Insomniac


Major brownie points to Ducky for not only creating an ORIGINAL setlist for her Green Tent performance in such a small amount of time, but for killing BOTH sets at the Green Tent and the Corona Electric Beach stage. I may have gotten stepped on during a mosh pit there, but still worth it.

Source: Jonathan April for Insomniac



From replacing Mura Masa two years ago to becoming one of the main acts for the Green Tent stage, Manila Killa put his all into this year’s set and even brought special guests Jai Wolf, Yetep, Mark Johns, Robokid, and AO Beats!

Source: Manila Killa / Twitter



As part of Insomniac and HARD events’ celebration for the launch of Hard Records, Snails performed a special set at the Corona Electric Beach stage. And let me tell you—this stage was not big enough for the crowd that came through for this performance! It was filled all the way past the back entrances with just enough room for everyone to headbang; it was INSANE….But not as insane as his B2B with Kill the Noise!

Source: Ivan Meneses for Insomniac




YehMe2 had his fans on their feet the entire set! From the beginning of the set, he played banger after banger that had crowds continuously coming in, making the Green Tent more packed by the minute, but with enough room to go crazy. 

Source: YehMe2 / Twitter


Last but certainly not the least. I personally have seen Virtual Self about three times now since Porter Robinson announced this project, and I kid you not: the Virtual Self live system is out of this world. Pathselector and Technic-Angel both bring unique and nostalgic elements to this set split in two parts, the first being Pathselector and the second half as Technic-Angel. I’m telling you this now: this a show you do NOT want to miss! (He just announced more tour dates so don’t miss out and check it out here!)

Source: Keiki Lani Knudsen for Insomniac


Again, we were not only impressed by the incredible sets prepared by such talented artists on this lineup; but by the time, hard work, passion and energy put by Insomniac and HARD to ensure the best experience for all of us this past weekend. Thank you so much for having us during this milestone year, and congratulations again for the launch of HARD Records![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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