All My Friends: First Time’s a Charm

Destructo (Gary Richards) has used his expertise to blow us away at the brand new All My Friends (AMFAMFAMF) festival in Los Angeles, CA. Where new friends, became best friends and old friends became new friends again. We joined together and spread love and friendship this past weekend and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Photo Taken By Rukes


Los Angeles is known for a large variety of music, but large festivals, not so much. All My Friends was located at Row DTLA, which was a hop skip and jump from the metro. When first arriving to the venue, I noticed it was very open with LOTS of room to dance. This was really nice during the packed sets and smaller stages. There were two areas to purchase drinks, which were conveniently by two different stages (including the main stage). There were multiple areas where they set up grassy spots for guests to sit, relax and have some delicious food from the vendors there. Being in downtown LA, you can expect there not be any grass area to sit at a music festival. While this venue was spacious, I still love my grassier festivals so I can lounge and lay down when my body needs a break. I think the team at All My Friends put together a great place for three stages and lots of fans!


BFF: This was the first stage you were introduced to when arriving in the festival. The LA Leakers, Soul Clap and Moon Boots performed here. This was the smallest stage near one of the beer gardens, so you could have a cocktail and enjoy the beats.

Photo Taken By Oh Dag Yo

Friendzone: What happens in the friend zone, stays in the friend zone. This stage was my favorite. To view the stage, you had to walk down an alley, which made it feel very intimate. The buildings had different types of psychedelic lights shining on them and a Batman AMFAMFAMF signal constantly moving from building to building. Destructo, Wax Motif and Chris Lake, among many other incredible artists, played their music on this stage.

Photo Taken By Oh Dag Yo

AMFAMFAMF (Main Stage): RL GRIME destroyed the stage. M.I.A. did more than just sing, she put on a performance. Jamie xx decided to bring out a disco ball and vinyls! To be honest, I don’t think I have ever seen an artist whip out vinyls before and I saw multiple artists do this at All My Friends, how cool?! This was the largest stage and always had a huge crowd. When beats dropped, the crowd (and fire!) went wild.

Photo Taken By Rukes

Each stage had its unique feel and crowd to it. Each artist showed their personal brand and designs through the stages so you could really see the difference when each artist played and feel connected to their music.


The best part of the festival. The music. There were multiple genres of music and a variety of artists that were performing at All My Friends music festival. Each stage had its own unique vibe but also incorporated a little bit of each genre to it. Jason Bentley, Little Boots, Cut Chemist and Jubilee had you spilling your drink while booty bouncin’ at the beer garden. Destructo, Chris Lake, Pete Tong, Justin Martin and Anna Lunoe took on the night at the Friendship stage and had you dancing with the new friend you just met. Gucci Mane, RL Grime, M.I.A., Jamie xx, Yo Gotti and Barclay Crenshaw stole the show at the main AMFAMFAMF stage. The musical performances were nothing less than extraordinary and magical!

My Favorite Sets:

RL GRIME: When his new album was released, I thought to myself, “What is going to be his opening song? I really hope it’s Feel Free.” Ask and you shall receive! His performance was by far, my favorite!

Photo Taken By Rukes

Destructo: How can you not love Destructo’s music? My friend had never listened to him before and the second the first song came on, she was in love! I said, “You’re going to LOVE him” and she did, of course.

Photo Taken By Oh Dag Yo

Jamie xx: I have heard a few songs by him previously, but his performance was incredible. The disco ball, was groovy and the vinyls were such a nice touch to dance the night away. I was astonished with his performance and hope to see him live again soon.

Photo Taken By Rukes

I hope you had a remarkable and unforgettable time with your friends! We hope to see you at Destructo’s sold out Friendship Cruise In December! If you haven’t already, check out the Spotify playlist for the cruise to get pumped!

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