Att. Campers: The CAMPOUT HAS MOVED!


Camp Counselor, Claude VonStroke has an important location announcement!


Campers, I’ve spent months scouring all of California to find the most pristine location for the Westcoast Campout.  I’m already dreaming of how I can dominate the tug-o-war, late night bingo and boat races with my team. Which color team should I join this year? 

See you at Camp Dirtybird,
Camp Counselor Claude

The Dirtybird Family did what they do best– listen to their fans! Dirtybird is a top-notch organization that prides themselves on giving their listeners the ultimate experience, whether that’s through quarterly dance parties in San Francisco, BBQ’s throughout the country, or executing their Campout’s perfectly to maximize everyone’s fun.  Last year, the flock of “birdies” voiced their opinion and  Camp Counselor Claude heard them!  Claude and his team hit the group running trying to find the best location possible and they did it!

Did we mention there is a LAKE, which can only mean–



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