JMBLYA: A Hip-Hop Wonderland

Guest Written by Kyle Yan

JMBLYA: the one and only traveling hip-hop festival in Texas covering Dallas, Austin, and Houston!

This festival has flooded the feeds of social media for years, and I have always been left with the envious scrolling of others’ experiences. Thankfully, this year I decided to instead be a standing fan in the crowd. Not only did I attend JMBLYA, but I was able to attend AND accomplish one of my major goals: to capture moments of talented artists in their musical element as one of JMBLYA’s photographers.

Each artist at JMBLYA exceeded my expectations as musical performers and entertainers. This event featured up-and-coming artists such as Tay Money, Killy, Cozz and Jack Harlow which brought in new sounds and gave the audience what they want… a damn good time.

They also included new wave artists such as Triple Red, Playboy Carti and one of my favorite acts, Ski Mask the Slump God. Now, I have never heard of the song “Catch Me Outside,” but once the words “Naruto nine-tailed fox coat fur” entered my ears, I dropped my camera and instantly performed ninjutsu hand signs. Not kidding.

Although I was also initially disappointed that two anticipated acts, Cardi B and Kevin Gates, were unable to attend, JMBLYA did not settle for less. The legends of T.I., Young Thug, and Bun B crushed the stage! What’s new, right? Waves of nostalgia swarmed in when songs like “Whatever You Like” and “That’s Gangsta” surfaced the booming speakers and into the appreciative and roaring crowd.

On to the headliners! J. Cole dropped some heat on us this year with his new album “KOD.” He featured his new song, “1985,” and rekindled old flames with “No Role Models”. J. Cole is a great live performer with a soulful stage persona imprinting the crowd with a memorable concert experience.

And last but not least, Migos. To describe the trio with one word it would be… what do kids say nowadays? “Lit”? That’s right, it was LIT. (insert fire emoji) With all seriousness, they were, without a doubt, my favorite act of the night. Performing “Walk It, Talk It”, “Motorsport”, and of course how could I forget, “Bad and Boujee,” Migos left me wanting more and wishing I had more time to indulge in their talent.

JMBLYA was wild with one of the rowdiest and most energetic crowds I have ever experienced! Will I go back? Hell yeah!

So, look out JMBLYA 2019!


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