Get Your Grub On At Gov Ball

Photo Credit: Wowfulls Facebook Page

Waffle cones, melted cheese, and veggie burgers – Oh my! This year’s Governor’s Ball not only has an amazing line up music with headlining acts likeĀ Jack White, Travis Scott, and Eminem, but it also host to an incredible food line up. In partnership with The Infatuation, they have over 60 food vendors that will light up your taste buds with their unique and creative flavors.

In order to prep for this delightful feast of fine NYC cuisine, I selected a few at random from the festivals website (which has over 50 vendors listed for your enjoyment) to dive a little deeper into and get my taste buds ready for this culinary adventure I plan to take it on in between sets.

Caters to All


Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or can eat anything this place has an option for everyone. Hippie Dips has a selection of unique sandwiches, smoothies, and other delicious items. Did someone say toasted bacon PB & banana?! You can enjoy that alongside a fruit filled waffle cone during one of the sunny days of the festival.



Who doesn’t love a little decadence in their life? Wowfulls combines Hong Kong style egg waffles, zany puns, rich ice cream, and creative toppings for a delectable treat you surely won’t forget. Best part? Calories do not count a music festivals!


Big Mozz

Because life would be boring without a little bit of cheesiness! What is even better than cheese? Deep fried cheese!! The Big Mozz has giant mozzerella sticks that are sure to satisfy your late night cravings after a long day on the dance floor.


Ramen Burger

I have definitely tried of variety of burger buns, from pretzel to gluten free to basic white, but ramen noodles?! Now that is a new one. Ramen Burger presents a creative take on the classic hamburger. If you are feeling adventurous be sure to check them out.

VIP Only

Cachapas Y Mas

Some of the food on the festivals lineup is exclusively only available to those lucky enough to have VIP tickets. One of those special vendors is Cachapas y Mas. Be sure to check out this place for Authentic Venezuelan cuisine. The arepas are a must have!

Do not miss your chance to try these amazing food options at Governor’s Ball Music Festival, get your tickets here.

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