Phoenix Lights: An Otherworldly Experience

Photos by Chris Trefry and Jacob Tyler Dunn

-The yearly alien invasion presented by Relentless Beats

Phoenix Lights took place this past April 7th and 8th at The Park at Wild Horse Pass, an abduction of any worries for a weekend. The extraterrestrial-themed event returned to Chandler, AZ for its 3rd year  – hosting a wide array of artists over the span of four unique stages. Insane production, talented artists from all over the spectrum, and art installations took over the grounds,  creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The weekend went seamlessly, even with the presence a new region of the venue- where Relentless Beats will be further curating future festivals. A layout so perfect that it wouldn’t even be possible to miss your favorite set due to travels from stage to stage.

A Couple Things We Experienced at Phoenix Lights 2018:

Fireworks! Jaw-dropping lasers! Fire!

The Mothership Stage

The Colony Stage- “Home of the House Music”

The Invasion Stage

Fire Beats

Loving Crowds and the Wildest of Festival-Goers…

An Otherworldly Theme with Mystical Art!

Art in Human Form

And Sets that Will Give Us Goosebumps for Years to Come…

– A few highlights-

Beats Antique threw down at the Invasion Stage on Saturday night, delivering a DJ set that we will never, ever forget. The crowd was small, intimate, and the Celtic-style, electronic beats had us traveling to other dimensions. The duo even curated Phoenix Lights specific tracks, incorporating video and audio recordings from that mysterious night in 1997- trippy stuff.

Green Velvet closed out the Colony Stage on Saturday Night, best described as a journey through deep-house and techno. Naturally, we never wanted it to end- and lucky for us this powerhouse continued the party for the After-Hours onsite. The After-Hours set was much more intimate, where the crowd was literally even on stage.

To be honest- we spent most of our time at the House music wonderland of the Colony- and many others have described their visit in a similar fashion. And this stage is precisely where strangers become friends and friends become family…

Gramatik fueled the dance party of the century on Saturday night at the Invasion Stage. All we can say is- HOLY FUNK! The drops were heavy, the tunes were funky as hell, and the crowd was going absolutely wild for it. They paired their unique electronic beats with some sexy sax and bluesy guitar rifts, and now we can’t stop craving more.

Though the mystery surrounding Thursday, March 13, 1997, remains, it’s no doubt that Phoenix Lights will continue to amaze AZ with another adventure in 2018.

See you next year, AZ squad!

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