Northern Nights 2.0 Brought To Us By Starr Hill Presents & The Emerald Cup

All photos courtesy of Northern Nights’ Facebook page


Friends, forests, & freedom— A new era of Northern Nights

Tucked in between in the world-renowned California Redwoods and the banks of the South Fork Eel River lies one of the most progressive festivals to grace the west coast: Northern Nights Music Festival. Northern Nights provides a unique festival experience that strives to leave a lasting impression with their experiential style. Another festival that provides the same country-meets-city experience is the Emerald Cup. Both festivals have teamed up before, with Northern Nights hosting a stage at last year’s Emerald Cup, and have been working on a collaboration alongside Starr Hill Presents to enhance the sixth annual Northern Nights Music Festival and provide a culturally-fused experience of music, swimming, yoga, cannabis and glamping at one of the world’s most stunning outdoor festival venues, Cook’s Valley Campground on the Humboldt / Mendocino County Line.

Keeping it green. And greener.

Taking place July 20-22, 2018, Northern Nights x Emerald Cup promises to sustainably grow their festival partnership by enhancing the festival in both production and experience while maintaining the premier boutique camping festival atmosphere that everyone has come to know and love. Northern Nights has made their mark as the first festival to move with the changing atmosphere and laws that are centered around cannabis. Northern Nights will be celebrating this new partnership with Emerald Cup and Starr Hill Presents by bringing cannabis lovers together, from experts and educators, to patrons, farmers, and patients.

Sing, swim, swing, repeat.

Some fan favorites are set to come back this year. One can head over to the Tree Lounge and learn about The Emerald Triangle, led by industry leaders. Take a moment to hydrate up while meddling with the interactive art installations. Want to clear your head another way? Take a stroll to the majestic Redwoods to practice yoga and meditation. For those who want music, Northern Nights has you covered. With artists from previous years including The Polish Ambassador, G Jones, Beats Antique, Odesza, The Floozies, Griz, Cherub, and Jai Wolf, the anticipation for this year’s lineup is real. Be sure to make your way over to the Grove and Bunker Stage to engulf more of your senses, and maybe even catch a surprise set or two.

Camping or Glamping? Take your pick.

Although late July in California can get pretty hot, the shade from the Redwoods prove to be one hell of a protection. Another type of protection one can expect from Northern Nights is their glamping. With pristine conditions, the glamping offered by Northern Nights beat all. From camper cars for four to outpost tents with sound systems and a luxury bed. More of a nature person? Grab your pool floaties and head on over to The River Stage to take a dip while also enjoying some of that gooey music.

We’re so excited to check in for the first edition of this collaboration at Northern Nights Festival. Want to squad up? Pick up a ticket today on Northern Night’s website here or pop into One Log Tree Lounge Dispensary or Area 101 and join us in the trees July 20-22, 2018!



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