What So Not Puts On Unforgettable Hollywood Performance

Photos Taken By Bridgette Reynolds

The day has finally come. I was able to see What So Not live. Let me just tell you one thing, he did not disappoint. I don’t think I’ve danced that hard in months and while my body was not happy with me Saturday morning, my soul and mind were over the top ecstatic. From the venue to the visuals to the show-stopping music, he completed my night with an amazing performance. Let me explain.


What So Not performed at the Hollywood Palladium, which was my first time attending this venue. It was incredible. Very spacious and pretty much anywhere you stood provided a great view, including the upper level. The stage was a decent size and we were able to see all of his amazing visuals and the statue of the horse which is on the cover of Not All The Beautiful Things.


Woah. I am a huge fan of visuals at shows and these were mind-blowing. There were psychedelic colors that flowed beautifully with the music. From vibrant colors of purple, blue and pink to flashing lights of yellow, red and green.  The colors went so well together that when they moved with the songs, it was an experience, not just a performance.


Sometimes I think I don’t even need to write anything about the music for an artist because you just know it will be unbelievable and of course, IT WAS! I always get anxious before shows because I have 3-5 songs I really hope they play and when an artist doesn’t play the song I’ve been hoping for, I feel let down. Well, What So Not did not disappoint.

He played every song I wanted to hear, which included Touched, High You Are and his newest song, Goh. Although, I’m pretty sure I recorded the whole set because every song is my favorite.

High You Are
Video Taken By Bridgette Reynolds

After I see a show, I feel this state of sadness and a need to go see that artist immediately again. I’ve waited a very long time to see What So Not live and when I had the chance before, I missed it for Rufus Du Sol (they just had to be the surprise DJ set at Coachella). It was well worth the wait and for any of you who have not seen him yet, I HIGHLY recommend you buy a ticket immediately. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Find his tour dates here!

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