Lost Lands Festival 2018 Brings All the Fossil-Rattling Bass

Photo credit: Rukes

The lineup for the 2nd annual Lost Lands Music Festival has dropped with the same force as the asteroid that blew dinosaurs off the earth all those years ago. Boasting 1,000,000 watts of bass, two full-size main stages and late night sound camps, Lost Lands has claimed its crown as the most filthy of fests.

But it wouldn’t be Excision’s homegrown event without dinosaurs, “3x more giant f#%king dinosaurs” to be exact. These not-so-extinct beasts will roam the lands of Legend Valley in Thornville, OH amongst ecstatic headbangers for 3 days in September to the tune of bass icons like Rusko, Feed Me, Flux Pavilion and Modestep to name a few. Little rusty on your paleontology? Before it’s time to head off into the earth-shattering epicenter of bass that is Lost Lands 2018, let’s figure out your spirit dinosaur.

Velociraptor – A Fast Dinosaur

Can’t miss Lost Lands sets: Sullivan King, Dirtyphonics

Keeping up with you is almost impossible. You barely get your bags unpacked from the last festival before it’s off to the next one. Your choice in music isn’t much different – you like rapid fire sets and frantic basslines. It’s easy to lose you in the crowd as you dart in between fellow headbangers, but not for long, your squad is just as quick as you.

Pterodactyl – A Flying Dinosaur

Can’t miss Lost Lands sets: Illenium, Said The Sky

Cool, calm and collected – you’re the easygoing one of the group, cruising over to whatever set the crew wants to see next. You’re famous for your camp playlists, the perfect mix of late night (or early morning) turnup. While you’re not too meek to get nasty to some snarling bass, you love a good feels trip and are happy to give out the best hugs to whoever may need one.

Triceratops – A Unique Dinosaur

Can’t miss Lost Lands sets: Eprom, Bleep Bloop

You’ve surrounded yourself with a solid crew who really understands you, cause let’s face it, you’re into some not-for-everyone stuff. Sometimes labeled as a quiet genius, you’re always first to send some new fire in the group chat or share a mind-blowing fact at the perfect time. You like your music complex, experimental and sometimes a bit shocking – come to think of it, a little like you.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – The Fiercest Dinosaur

Can’t miss Lost Lands sets: The one and only, Excision

The rail is your home. If the bass isn’t vibrating your hair follicles, is the music even on? You probably got your squad hooked on Excision that fateful day they gave you the aux cord and from that point on there was no looking back. There’s no mosh pit too savage for you, no drop too filthy. You’ve moved past Excision merch and have gone a more permanent route – an X tattoo. Lost Lands couldn’t have happened without fans like you – respect.

Lost Lands Music Festival is ready to take its faithful fans into the depths of Jurassic times. Every act on the lineup brings a heart-stopping level of energy and talent, but you have to be there to for the up close and personal experience. Besides, how else are you going to see live dinosaurs in 2018? Get your tickets and all the details at http://www.lostlandsfestival.com/.

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