Glitter Up with PLUR Festival Makeup

As festival season kicks off, we are all looking at our bookmarked tab on Instagram, the outfit inspo accounts we follow, and the rave ideas Pinterest boards we’ve created to get ideas on new ~looks~ for this festival season. One thing I’ve learned that festival season is not complete with is glitter! With so many glitter brands out there, I recently stumbled upon something new and unique and it must be shared with you all.

PLUR Festival Makeup is a brand owned by identical twin sisters, Stephanie and Jennifer. Going to their first rave ( Decadence AZ) in 2016, they used craft glitter with vaseline for application but by the end of the night, their glitter was smeared all over. After that experience, they wanted to make something that was convenient and mess-free. They made a few loose glitter mixes, but soon realized that loose glitters are more likely to get all over the floor instead of your body. So they decided to go with producing glitter gels instead. Also being vegetarians, they wanted to make sure their products aligned with their lifestyle and started creating a vegan, cruelty free glitter gel.

Holo Queen x Ice Queen

After testing a few different gels on the market, they knew they needed to make something that stood apart. The glitters that they tester were either gel heavy with a lack of luster or it only came with one size and color of glitter. They wanted to make sure their glitters provided people with a way for them to shine in a crowd. Their glitters range from different colors and sizes, with some having more than 5 types of glitters! We were able to get our hands on some of their newest collection and immediately fell in love.

Iridescent Pink Jellyfish

Each glitter gel was unique from another. There were different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. The Iridescent Pink Jellyfish had flake like glitters, something I’ve never seen before. With pink, gold and orange hued glitters, this gel was my favorite since it was so unique.

I was also obsessed with the Unicorn Glitter. With pinks, purples, and holographic glitters AND different shapes, this gel stood apart from all other gels. Mixing both Ice Queen and Holo Queen created an iridescent holographic party that everyone should attend. Using both created magic but these two glitters on their own are spectacular enough. Mermaid tears provided a deep aqua with gold specs that felt summer-ready.

Unicorn Glitter

Each gel that PLUR Festival Makeup creates are smudge proof. After about 15 minutes of drying the gel, it doesn’t budge. You can dance for hours without it wiping off. I used it at a 4-day camping festival and it stayed on all. night. long. The best part about this gel is that even though it can withstand the sun, dust and sweat, it can easily be wiped off with a makeup wipe or oil based cleanser.

Mermaid Tears

If you’re in the market for some glitter, check out their Etsy shop. They will also be releasing a new collection in April that will come with some new additions (scented glitters!) and are currently accepting custom made glitters. Keep up with their Instagram @PLURFestivalMakeup to never miss an announcement!

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