Fransis Derelle’s On A Killing Streak

Guest Written by Rachel Dobson

Photos by Ho Sayy

For me, there’s just this thing about new music that teeters on the edge of giving me goosebumps when I first hear it. That’s how I know my soul has connected to these incredible sounds, sounds that pose a challenge to describe. Fransis Derelle dropped a remix just the other day to Interstellar by ATLiens (ft. Sarah Skinner), which is undeniably one of those songs. It feels to me that a part of his personality is materialized throughout this entire remix. My experience of Fransis is simple, he’s a very laid-back, chill dude majority of the time -always exuding good energy with his friends and fans at shows. The enticing, fluid vocals of Sarah Skinner reflect a deeper space in his heart, while the heavy beats he produces show the crazy, rambunctious side. With his latest EP Pixel Paradise being released just 3 months ago, many would agree he’s killing 2018 already.


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