Wandering Down To Mexico for Beyond Wonderland

Photo Credits: Beyond Wonderland Website

We are just a few days away from entering the magical world of Beyond Wonderland Mexico.  I am BEYOND excited to check out this Mexican edition of this festival. This will be my first Beyond Wonderland event outside the United States. I can’t wait to take you all with me for the journey. Beyond Wonderland Mexico will take place Saturday, March 10th at Parque Fundidora in Monterrey,  Mexico.

The Mission of the Weekend

I have decided to take on a mission for this weekend of Beyond Mexico. That mission is to find the craziest outfits of the festival. I will be searching high and low for and will be posting them on my recap of the festival. So be sure to check back in for some crazy photos.

Who To See

Lost Frequencies. Lost Frequencies was just at Storyland in Colombia, which I had the chance to attend as well.This Belgian artist will be very busy this weekend as he has a show in Philadelphia the night before. He has also just come out with his own dance. We shall see if he is going to do it for the crowd in Mexico.

Robin Shultz. This man continues to amaze me. I am personally a huge fan of his music. He recently teamed up with Marc Scibilia for a new song called “Unforgettable.” This is the performance is on the top of my list to watch for this upcoming weekend. Who knows what other new music he may drop for us.

Aly & Fila. Well, Fila. I love this man so much. After speaking with him at Storyland, I am convinced that he was the most genuine DJ out there. I even got the chance to be on stage with him! Unfortunately, Aly will not be there due to an ear defect but they still make music in the studio together. You won’t want to miss a trance set.

Bro Safari. Making his first Mexican appearance? Is he ready? I think so! I have yet to see a Bro Safari performance as well so I am really looking forward to checking out how he is live.

Festival Grounds Map

If you did not already know, the festival map was also released.  Walking through this place is going to be amazing. Insomniac is pulling out all their usual unforgettable stops. Expect grand stage production and amazing sights at every corner.

If you want to check out the festival be sure to tune into our Instagram stories where I will be taking over for 24 hours taking you down the rabbit hole! As always if you are planning on going to this event in Mexico and would like to meet up you can send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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