BUKrewe: ASSEMBLED— Meet Us On the River

Photos from Buku Music & Art Project’s Facebook Page

By Jordan Kausin & Jennifer Gross

With under ONE WEEK left until we tumble through the gates of Buku 2018, we are ecstatic and here to prep our fellow attendees! Not only are we beyond hyped for this experience of a lifetime, we also have info YOU may need to best plan and acclimate.


Alongside the Mississippi River & Gulf Coast, Buku Music & Arts Project returns home to curate its seventh installment. Taking over New Orleans’ Mardi Gras World riverfront, the warehouse grounds (an old power plant location) laced with smoke stacks are set to give festivalgoers a one-of-a-kind venue to run wild!

Music & Art

Buku’s explosive musical artist roster exemplifies the wide-range versatility, embracement, and melting pot that is our dear festival utopia, which we often seek. As Buku is a collective music and art experience, this year’s stacked lineup is set to leave us with an undeniable soundtrack. Including EDM, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, and all vibes in between, it is the perfect example of the eclectic urban party vibe New Orleans is famous for. Staying true to such, we are lucky to be amongst artists including Sza, A Day To Remember, Migos, Green Velvet, Bassnectar, Bonobo, a Brownies & Lemonade showcase, and SO MANY MORE. With the blend of live music and art, Buku is providing a centrally located, multilevel live graffiti gallery. This gallery is provided by some of the top local graffiti artists, showcasing huge works of art while the festival is going on. Promised to give all attendees an exceptional treat for multiple senses. Of course, it wouldn’t be a New Orleans party without street performers, glitter face painters and Mardi Gras floats on display throughout the event.

New Additions

This year, Buku has added some significant changes from previous years. The new festival site expansion, which will now take us across the tracks to the updated and greatly expanded Wharf Stage, looks to be the best layout thus far. Previously tucked further back and tightly squeezed between the Mississippi River and the Float Den, the Wharf Stage is now a larger set up across the tracks between the Power Plant and the Mississippi. We can’t wait to catch artists like Bonobo and Princess Nokia along the river and take in the amazing view of the Crescent City Connection Bridge all lit up.

Replacing the S.S. Buku, an old time paddle boat docked along the river that served as the VIP stage in previous years, the newly expanded VIP Rooftop looks to give the VIP area a much larger set up and better views of the Power Plant stage and open bar. The new VIP packages this year also include the updated intimate VIP-only sets in the Back Alley, butler delivery service and massage therapists. Completely new to the Buku brand is the Wharf Stage. Seemingly home to house, funk, and everything between, this is not a stage to sleep on! For all our party people looking to get all the way down, meet us riverside and lets break this baby in how? TOO BUKU STYLE!

OG Stages Return

The Float Den, which is one of our favorite stages each year, is certainly something to be experienced by all festivalgoers. This huge warehouse, which stores actual Mardi Gras floats boasts an exceptionally high ceiling covered in huge industrial size ceiling fans which cover attendees from any potential rain while cooling everyone from above while we dance to some of the most exciting EDM artists. The sound and lighting system are top notch and the vibe can’t be beat. This will be the perfect location for Alison Wonderland, Rezz and Jai Wolf. The floats are strategically placed and lit so as to add to the artistic experience. No other stage exemplifies the house-party vibe that is TOO BUKU!

The Ballroom stage is another enclosed area that provides a chill atmosphere to grab a beverage, and provides a seated area on the second floor to take in some amazing artists. Mura Masa, The Russ Liquid Test and Grammy nominated electro-pop artists Little Dragon will be a handful of sets not to be missed on this stage. The large dance floor and chill vibe give the Ballroom a welcoming feeling when you need a moment to catch up with all that your senses are taking in.

The Power Plant is the typical massive main stage setup we all look forward to when attending a festival. It is a true delight for anyone wanting the over the top sound and lighting experience and we know that Bassnectar will be taking full advantage of what this stage provides. There is room for everyone and the totems, squads and lit up hoop dancing all feel totally at home at this stage. We can’t think of a better place for Illenium to bring his stunning Awake Live set with his drums and new storytelling visuals.

With the captivating combination of an unstoppable lineup, breathtaking sunset waterfront views, and open hearts running wild, if Buku isn’t your next stop, what more could you need? Assemble your BUKrewe and come get #TOOBUKU with us!

Ticket’s HERE.

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