Will They or Won’t They: SHM Ultra Reunion Rumors Continue

Just when the rumors start to die down, they pick back up again. There have been some whispers that the beloved electronic trio, Swedish House Mafia (SHM), would reunite for a special performance at Ultra Music Festival. While nothing has been confirmed, the internet has been buzzing with hope ever since Ultra released their lineup with a mysterious “Special Performance” slot on it. However, last week everyone’s dreams were crushed when Steve Angello “confirmed” that he would not be at the festival this year.

While Steve Angello stated that he would not be attending Ultra, Hardwell seems to think otherwise. In an interview with Netherlands radio station, SLAM! he explained that the reunion is going to happen.

“There are a lot of rumors, the deciding factor for me was that Steve Angello, one of the three members of SHM, canceled his Asia tour out of the blue, suddenly doesn’t have any shows planned, and is now in Miami. For me, this means that it has to happen.”

Adding fuel to the fire, a lighting tech that has worked with the group before posted on to Facebook a status that made it sound like the group would be reuniting in Miami. The post (translated from French) stated: “They are back next weekend at Ultra Miami (except for the 4th one on the left), you will have 2 tomorrow at the Pharaonic Festival Chambery.”

While I am not sure how much of an insider this gentleman is, it is fun to hope that he is right.The only thing that has been confirmed is that something big is being planned for the 20th anniversary of the festival. We will have to wait until this weekend to see if that something is the epic return of one of electronic music’s biggest groups.

What do you think, will they or won’t they?

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