Lucidity Awakens a New Story of Diversity

Photo by Harmonic Light

Written by Austin Robert

Ideas of living better and together mesh with the power of music and art, in a “mythos, a lived story, a journey” as we are given another weekend of incredible and diverse music from the people who put together Lucidity. We thank them, for without the creators this festival would not exist. Ever-evolving beats are the heart of this fest. Lucidity collaborates village and vision,- this year’s theme, Rising Dawn, invites attendees to “Awaken the New Story”, ideally aiding us to create a world where humanity doesn’t just survive- but thrives. The acts headlining this year have surely earned their space in the mix of this evolutionary event, and the smattering of eco-conscious workshops will indeed deliver knowledge and an unmatched Southern California festival experience.

Seeking refuge in music is one of those medicinal experiences that universally seems to just “work” for us, especially when we’re in need of a shift. Lucidity also offers a wide range of workshops including teachings of medicinal herbs, and Ecoworks, a permaculture design workshop geared around regenerating the California landscape. Ideas and invention meet people and application at this mixer for the goodwill in the world. On the stages, Desert Dwellers headline the kickoff day this year and their hypnotic downtempo dub may be just the experiential kick-off you’re looking for this year. 

An act like this takes you on a long spiritual journey of rhythm and melodic trance. Definitely a music genre not to be explored lightly, downtempo dub and sounds from deep in our musical history will be sampled in this community of sound healers.

Photo by Brie’Ana Breeze Photography & Media

Yoga, Ohm, and finally Shavasana. If you were wondering if it’s a good time to try yoga- yes always, especially now. Please do visit the yoga tents, as the opening and stretching of your body will provide more channels for the Jedi light to pass through your chakras, cleansing your aura of stuck energy. Just as Sacred Geometry set trends amongst the “conscious art” community in the past few decades, there seems to be rather “trend-setting” artist on the rise called Dustin Thomas. Dustin, whom I am just now discovering, has a headlining spot in the Lucid Village this year. I’m captivated by this guys lyrics, -and oh man his hair… I am sure this guy will deliver just like he does in this video. 

Fresh new faces and tunes will beget fresh feelings of bliss within the Lucidity community.

The offering of workshops includes chi yoga, contact improv, lucid dreaming, and creative keys to mastery. For the last and final night, the house music comes down,- showcasing Mark Farina, Ardalan, J Philip and more.  This mix is particularly refreshing and making me ask myself, “Why don’t I have my ticket to Lucidity already situated?”

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Lucidity is far more than just a festival; it’s really more of a collective “visionary village” we get to enjoy and envision a peaceful, loving world together. This year’s offerings regarding the stages and within the educational workshop settings provide a healthy range of music, dance, evolutionary thought, environmental preservation, flow arts, and theatrical performances. Within the village, you’ll also find everything from massage to chiropractic to herbal remedies. The festival also features an interactive art gallery, beyond a plethora of yoga classes, personal growth and technology workshops, environmental activism, creativity, and more! Included as well is an entire realm for families featuring fun activities for both little people and their elders. Spark a new creative pursuit and thrive at Lucidity Festival.

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