Save Memories with a BirkSun Backpack

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Moment Capture.

This can’t happen if there isn’t a device there to capture it. How will you remember that time you had your first kiss at Coachella? Did you win your first shuffling battle? That epic sunset overlooking the city at Lollapalooza? These are moments that you want to remember forever & we all know at festivals, there isn’t always a charge around.

Problem solved.

BirkSun is here to help you save those special moments.

How it works:

  • When the solar panel is in direct sunlight, the interior battery will be recharged.
  • 2 minutes of the solar panel in the sun = 1% phone charge (when it’s plugged in)
  • It has a built-in lithium battery that charges just as fast as a wall charger

These backpacks have more to offer than just a charge from the sunshine!

  • The solar panel is waterproof and scratch resistant (easy to wash as well) so even if it rains while you’re dancing, your bag will be safe
  • The exterior fabric is meant to last many years with the leather handles and cross stitching (many years = many photos)
  • Low carbon footprint – you’re saving the planet & your memories!


  • Prices range from $99 to $169, which includes the backpack and the solar panel charger – make sure you bring your USB cord and of course your phone, to charge.
  • Receive FREE shipping

Moments are my specialty. I love photos. I love going back and remembering times that I had.  Anyone that knows me, knows when we are going out there will be at least one photo taken. My cellphone alone has over 3,500 photos and videos and my computer has over 5,000. So when I say I love moments, I really mean it! That’s why I needed a BirkSun backpack. Not only for my festival experiences, but all of my experiences & you need one too!


*Sponsored by BirkSun

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