Fans or Family: Above & Beyond

Photos courtesy of Phoenix New Times

An event brought to you by Relentless Beats

Above & Beyond has proven that their music represents more than what meets the eye. When you become a fan, you become family.

On their most recent journey to Common Ground, the European group has a unique, yet beautiful way of accepting all walks of life into their community. Each and every fan attending their show seems to have a special connection to their sound. As predicted, tears were entirely normal and accepted at their Rawhide set. The crowd was invested from start to finish, showcasing their genuine smiles throughout the evening.

What was once an accidental coincidence has now become a rite of passage for fans: the “Push the Button” moment. Eager EDM-lovers slowly but surely make their way to the front of the stage, accompanied by bright, decorated signs in hopes of being the chosen one.

At their show in the Valley, the legacy continued. One lucky fan had the opportunity to join the trio on stage for a life-changing moment.

The group unfailingly represents unity, love, and hope,- and the EDM world has been a long-standing stage for artists like Above & Beyond.

The lighting is spectacular. The fans are passionate. The vibes are positive.

As festival-goers, we love nothing more than experiencing a show that is clearly loved by all. The pulsating joy of show attendees filled the room without a doubt.

Have you been to an Above & Beyond show? We’d love to hear about your experience!

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