Enter the Oracle: A New Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Experience at Lucidity

Lucidity, Santa Barbara’s gem of a conscious festival has become a beacon to counter culturists across the American West Coast over the last 6 years. For anyone who has been watching the narrative unfold, it’s easy to wonder what the festival is packing for the next 6 year arch in the continuation of its trademark story. Observing how the saga bridges a philosophy rooted in a civic engagement with potent steps for personal growth, one might expect it to deliver more empowering ideas in crunchy workshops or exploratory hands-on offerings in the festival’s learning hub, aptly titled Lucid University. Which it does, but this year, Lucidity is taking their storytelling platform to theatric heights by reintroducing the event in its entirety as one massive stage, where we all have a part to play.


In other words, this will be the first edition of Lucidity where every participant is also a collaborator in the unfolding narrative at the festival. Upon arrival you’ll be guided to the Elemental Oracles that will grant a single question before being ushered down one of five paths, embarking in realms accentuated by their affinity for Fire, Earth, Water, Air or Spirit.  


Photo by @FishMakesPhotos

Each of the aforementioned realms delves deeper into another woke aspect of Lucidity culture and tether it to an instructional path tailored for the dreams of all who take part in the story. With the exception of Burning Man, participation is seldom woven so deeply at events. Even those in the ‘transformational’ family of festivals rarely present their experiences with an invitation to co-author the story. The approach is a bold one because it’s fresh to the festival and unprecedented in festivals, at large.


The website hints “We’ve been in the dreamtime for the last six years… now it’s time to wake up.” The words signal an evolution taking place at the festival. What was once a container for self-work has matured into a family of independent entrepreneurs, crafters, and professionals. Heading into Rising Dawn, that family will serve as a springboard where those who have built roots at Lucidity over the last 6 years will find the wisdom and life experience they’d like to share increasingly salient with the next generation. Arming individuals with the ability to grow their own food, build their own homes and access other empowering learning experiences are just a few ways Lucidity has sought to enrich the community that makes it possible.


This work by Chuck Manley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


With a mission to plant the seeds of resilience as strong as the one you’ll find at Lucidity, there’s a good chance the Oracles will make a lot of people forget about the stacked lineup and the stages opting instead for a dive down the rabbit hole of an interactive enigma. For any first-timers, it’ll be a reason to pick up a ticket and attend, but for anyone who has already been to Lucidity, the Oracles are sure to set in motion a storytelling trend unlike any other experience in the festival scene.  


For more information visit the Lucidity Festival website.

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