New Ship, Same Old Friends: Gary Richards Makes Huge Announcement

FINALLY! After weeks of mystery, Gary Richards has made the announcement we have all been waiting for. This morning he announced the details of his his newest event that will be taking place this winter. 

Following this heartfelt message, he attached a picture confirming that he will be hosting a music festival on a cruise ship this winter. The maiden voyage will set sail from Miami, where Holy ship previously used to depart from before moving to Cape Canaveral in recent years. The event will take place December 11th-15th. It will be on the Celebrity Equinox Cruise Ship, which has yet to be used by any music festival cruise event (hopefully it has better pizza).

Since the parting of Richards and Live Nation last year there has been a lot of mystery as to what he will do next. Rumors begin flying starting New Years Eve as he began to drop subtle hints. Now, we finally have our answers.

No information about cost or ticket sales have been announced but you can sign up to receive more information here.

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