Finding Euphoria…To Be Continued

photos by Optimistic Reality

If you read any of my festipades last year, you’ll know Euphoria¬†was one of my favorites. So naturally I was heartbroken at the initial news of their 2018 plans for Finding Euphoria. After actually reading their ideas of how to “remain true” I’ve gained a different perspective; a positive one.

The Euphoria Team released news that the festival is taking a new outlook for 2018 with a series of events in the Austin area throughout the year. To my understanding the Finding Euphoria series is to increase cohesion between the Euphoria/Austin community (and anyone who wants to join!) via music, art, sustainability, health & wellness, sport & outdoor, and food & beverage.

Thoughts on the matter:

Many of the people I met at Euphoria were from the surrounding area or some part of Texas. It’s a good look to curate a series of events to include the community on some of the events listed such as yoga, kayaking, and a Keep Austin Beautiful Cleanup. The plan is to have more intimate impacting workshops and activities. Several group activities are promoted which can help create small relationships with potential to blossom.

Props to Euphoria for taking efforts to keep its core values in the changing festival culture. I also appreciate the compromise of having an abridged weekend camp gathering known as Finding Euphoria May 11th-13th. The event is said to be capped at 2,000 attendees, but will give Euphorians the pleasure of the Dragonfly Amphitheater amongst other; details to be determined.

Euphoria will see major gambles in 2018 with their unorthodox festing. Small wins to rebuild for the return in 2019. Looking forward to seeing how this year of Finding Euphoria plays out. Hang in there Euphoria!

Euphoria Website with full info here!

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