Coheed and Cambria x Taking Back Sunday Announce US Tour

Before music festivals popped up in every major city, before the term festival season was coined, before hydration backpacks, Soundcloud and Twitter, millennials in their angsty teen years had only a few things that kept their love for music alive: Myspace, Limewire, and Vans’ Warped Tour. Once a year you and your crew, along with heavy eye liner, side bangs, skinny jeans, band tees and emotions raging through you, got the chance to roam free from stage to stage at Warped Tour. It was a simpler time, where local bands got to showcase their talent with hopes of taking off, not needing to worry about how many followers or likes they have on Facebook. Music was truly spread by word of mouth, or simply walking to a new stage. With the sounds of pop-punk and screamo dominating the early 00’s, two of the bands I vividly remember gaining popularity QUICK were Coheed and Cambria and Taking Back Sunday. Fast-forward to now: electronic music on the rise and Warped Tour announces their final tour. It seems like the days of mosh pits and Converses are coming to an end…except for one announcement that hits all the scene kids in the feels: Coheed and Cambria x Taking Back Sunday co-headlining a tour!

Alongside The Story So Far, they are set to hit 20+ venues all over the US this summer. From California to New York, fans everywhere will get to enjoy the nostalgic sounds and more recent releases from these three bands.

Artist pre-sale tickets are on sale NOW! Visit Taking Back Sunday’s website or Coheed and Cambria’s Twitter for pre-sale codes. General Public tickets go on sale Friday, February 23rd at 10:00 am PST. After you grab your favorite black tee, mosh buddies, and studded belt, let us know where you’ll be catching this tour!





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