Headhunterz to Make Triumphant Return to Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Headhunterz/Facebook

Headhunterz is officially back in the loving grips of hardstyle and it’s kind of a big deal. Following a burst of international shows that closed out 2017, the Dutch mastermind blesses Los Angeles with an appearance at The Belasco Theater on Saturday, February 24. Social media erupted following the announcement of the show, the news quickly reposted in hardstyle groups followed by a long list of celebratory comments.

With a career that spans more than 10 years, Headhunterz is a living example of the phrase “follow your heart”. His semi-brief departure from hard dance to explore other genres started nothing less than a firestorm in the staunchly loyal hardstyle community. Many wondered if he would ever return, some said they no longer wanted him. However controversial, his bravery to stay true to himself and go down the path of the unknown says more about him as a person than even an artist. In the end, Headhunterz admitted he was drawn back in by the siren song of the harder styles, his original and forever family, his “one true love”.

The Belasco is known for its intimacy so this show will be an up close and personal experience with the man behind legendary tracks like Dragonborn, Colors, Psychedelic and countless other hardstyle anthems.

Amidst this show announcement the rumor mill is still hard at work, with Headhunterz fans across the country wondering if this is the year he once again graces the EDC Las Vegas Basscon stage, or better yet the main stage (see: 2013, cough, cough Pasquale). The Belasco show is presented by Insomniac and Headhunterz is also set to play EDC Mexico. The suspense just may kill us all…let the countdown to May begin. Take a listen to the last time Headhunterz played under the electric sky,  EDCLV 2014.

Grab your spot on the Belasco dancefloor and buy tickets here and long live Heady!


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