Bay Area’s POP NYE— Back in Action

Featured and watermarked photos from Tiu Times for POP NYE.
Other photos from author.

After a two year hiatus, Skills Events’ POP New Year’s Eve resurfaced and revamped its approach to event production in quite a unique way. With a new host to the event (San Francisco’s historic, former National Guard Armory and Arsenal), three completely stacked nights offering a different vibe day-to-day, and one of the most diverse crowds, this year’s bash undoubtedly swung its doors open for any beat-loving party-goer. Each night housed (no pun intended) and blasted a different genre through the roof. Friday night primarily delivered Electro/Big Room House, Saturday heavily delivered trance, and Sunday, the day I had the pleasure of attending, graced us with more house. What can I say? It’s ingrained in my soul!


What was amazing about the sea of POP patrons was that it truly became a melting pot of music lovers across the board. Considering the event is infamous for its 18+ age restrictions, a very prominent presence was of younger rave-goers. Aiding to the bead-obsessed and glove-hypnotizing kandi kids, was a booth posted in the back offering seemingly everything ‘rave’ related. For sale were hand fans, kandi beads, bead masks, and everything you could think of! And for the flow artists, you bet there were plenty of LED light toys, as well!

Another crowd powerhouse consisted of none other than fellow Dirty birdies AKA Dirtybird record label diehards. You freaking bet flockmates showed up and showed out in primarily nothing other than Dirtybird brand/Campout gear. The energy (like every other Dirtybird player based function) was truly inclusive and smile inducing. Naturally, groups to merged and got all the way down and dirty. What is so special about Dirtybird diehards is the infinite camaraderie, inclusivity, and guaranteed amped up time. Each time is always an unforgettable time and that’s a guarantee!


Collectively, the Dirtybird powerhouse that was Dateless, Kill Frenzy, GET REAL (Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet) and other guests including Gorgon City and Solardo, was explosive. Having the opportunity to catch Dateless, an up and coming Dirtybird staple, showcase his unique spin on Rhythm & Tumba House was definitely a pleasure.
A highly anticipated artist caught was Kill Frenzy. Although he knows how to crowd please and be hyped up and consistent,  I just have one request for next time—  MORE BOOTY HOUSE, PLEASE! HA. After catching GET REAL for the very first time, I can gladly say they lived up to the all the anticipated hype. Considering the fact that I have seen Green Velvet and Claude VonStroke individually countless times and went back for more, I thought I knew what I was in for, however, they took us for the ride of a lifetime. A three hour set to be exact! Gritty house meets techno meets everything we could wish for in a set was right there in front of and within us.


Whether we gush or groan after any event, there is always room for improvement. As for POP, the lineup and crowd drawn was massive and we applaude those successes. Considering the crowd size and main-stage and floor design, it would be awesome to see proper ventilation as well as a larger (or additional) “smoking” area offered at the next event. It is completely understood that lines happen, however, the need for fresh air and comfort is vital, as well. The venue transformed into something imaginable like Satan’s toenail. Kidding. All in all, Skills Events is on the road to revival for their staple Bay Area New Year’s Eve weekend event. It was truly an honor to be part of POP NYE and I am looking forward to seeing what next year’s function has to offer!

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