Has your phone ever died at a festival? Have you ever found yourself absolutely lost in a sea of identical tents? Have you ever wondered when someone will be smart enough to start a point or reward system for all the dollars you spend on festivals? Let us introduce you now to The Festival Guy’s very own FestEvo.

Before we go into all the details of FestEvo, we think it’s best to tell you a little about who created it and why.

Whether you’re an eager festival newbie or an amped up festie warrior, it’s quite certain each of us can contribute from a compilation of fine-tuning festival suggestions and resolutions. Perfecting all festival components including preparation for your very first camping trip, displaying proper festival etiquette, planning the perfect outfit, or even production logistics, etc., meet Tucker Gumber.

Who is Tucker Gumber, aka “The Festival Guy?”

127 festivals. 430 festival days. 260 days camping at festivals. 7 trips to Burning Man.


Tucker is The Festival Guy because he lives and breathes festivals. He has not only attended a wide assortment of festivals and gatherings worldwide, but he has also volunteered and befriended staple individuals in the festival community.

Needless to say, Tucker has devoted his entire life to festivals. He has lead movements such as Leave No Trace +1 (taking responsibility for keeping festival grounds clean) as well as the BeOneUp patch (a vitamin patch to assist in curing those nasty festival hangovers). His exemplification of essential “FestivalGoer” duties and conduct speaks for itself: The Festival Guy can and will do everything in his power to help make each festival experience smooth and unforgettable. Considering our slogan here at Festival Squad is “Festing for the People,” there is nobody else we’d rather team up with than The Festival Guy himself.

Photo: @Jamal.eid

Creating Change in the Festival Community

Book #1: The Festival Thrower’s Bible (2015)
Tucker partnered with Vendini Publishing and 12 industry leaders two years ago to create a book to help other event producers run the best and most eco conscious festival around.

Book #2: The Festival Goers Guide (2017)
The FestivalGoer’s Guide is a must read for the festival community. It establishes much needed etiquette for our community and breaks down all the tips and tricks that veterans use to have their best (and most efficient) festival. It even has an entire section on totems.

Leave No Trace+1
Like we mentioned earlier, Tucker created Leave No Trace+1
which reminds fans to pick up after themselves and one other person who might not be. Have you ever been to a festival where there was trash everywhere? It’s time to put an end to ugly and garbage ridden festivals and Tucker is helping to lead that movement.

XLIVE Future Executive and Startup Showcase Programs
As a Board Member for XLIVE Business Conference. Tucker started two programs to help others in the live events space to receive free entry to the 3 day conference.

FestEvo App
The FestEvo App allows users to discover festivals, listen to lineups, rank artists and be fully prepared for their upcoming festival. This app is unlike any other in the space.

Tucker has stayed true to his mission statement, “Unite the Festival Community and work together to improve the festival experience.” He has published two books, created a motto that could end the festival trash epidemic, keeps festival goers up to date via live website updates/blog entries, and has created the world’s first platform that enables fans to listen to artists on the festival lineup.

Now, back to the beginning. WHAT is FestEvo?

Standing for “Festival Evolution”, FestEvo is a social media app serving as a the most profound resource for festival goers seeking any tips festival related. After “researching the FestivalGoer experience and working to create solutions to the problems we face,” The Festival Guy created FestEvo to provide “education, technology, and products FestivalGoers need to experience their best festival.”

What does FestEvo APP offer and why do we NEED it?
The days of spending hours googling artists on the festival lineup are finally over. FestEvo enables users to listen to every artist on the lineup.. Straight from the app. Users are also able to explore the current year and past years lineups and find meetups, rideshares, directions, and ticket exchanges for festivals around the world.

What Are PROPS?
FestEvo Members earn a currency called PROPS. These are essentially frequent flyer miles… but for festival goers. You can earn props by doing things such as for ranking artists in the app, booking travel to your next festival, buying gear (tents, phone chargers, water bottles, etc.), and inviting friends to join. PROPS can even be used to enter once in a lifetime prizes (LIKE LIFETIME PASSES TO SHAMBHALA or meet and greets with artists). They can even be saved up and redeemed for FestEvo festival gear.

What is FestEvo Gear?
FestivalGoers have different needs than regular campers, so we don’t exactly need camping gear. FestEvo is filling the need to camp like a festie by launching 10 items that will keep your phone charged, your tent cool, and will light you up so you add to the vibe of the festival. Talk about being practical.

This is amazing. What’s the cost?
Membership is available for the complete no-brainer price of $10 a year. We asked Tucker why it is so affordable and he replied, “We want everyone to do it. The more people join, the more educated our community is going to be and the more fun festivals are going to be for all of us.”

We can’t argue with that. Festival Squad has had the pleasure of knowing The Festival Guy for years now and give our total thumbs up to him and FestEvo. A one stop shop, points we can use for things we need and love, a book on festie etiquette, awesome solar powered gear, and the ability to listen to all of the artists on the lineup… this is what we have always needed.

Learn the full scoop on FestEvo here:



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