Summer of ’69… I mean 2019?

Photo from Woodstock’s Website

 Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary Festival might actually happen!

The iconic Woodstock Festival is due for a 50th-anniversary celebration in 2019, and it seems as though moves are being made by both the festival grounds and the state of New York to commemorate the iconic festival. All of this is incredibly exciting news! The music-loving fans that have grown up to stories of Woodstock or listening to the Festival Greats have been waiting decades for something like this.

The historic gathering took place in August 1969 and featured performances by a wide range of musicians including Richie Havens, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix. Not to mention, it is considered a crowning achievement of the 1960s counter-culture.

Most festival-goers nowadays weren’t around for the “Summer of Love”,but we’ve all grown up with an appreciation for the history behind Woodstock- the festival that defeated all odds and became a LEGEND!

Over the last few days, The Poughkeepsie Journal has reported that the not-for-profit Bethel Woods Center for the Arts—a 2,000-acre site that includes Woodstock’s original grounds in 1969—recently received $689,063 for a three-day festival from New York’s Regional Economic Development Council. This money comes in addition to $28,225, which will be used for on-site improvements, including a stage, sound towers, a performers’ bridge, and a scenic overlook on the famous festival grounds.

This 50th-anniversary festival isn’t 100% set in stone, but this news brings us hope that it is truly going to happen!

STAY TUNED FOR MORE NEWS on Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary Festival…


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