A Look Back: ABGT250 Won Vibes of the Year

Written by Jen Fall

Photo credit: Above & Beyond

My faith in humanity has been re-invigorated! ABGT250 was not only the highlight of my year, it was the highlight of my entire festing career. There is nothing like the vibes at an Anjuna event. I have never felt so much love from so many people all dancing in unison. It even made nearly dying from hypothermia the first night of camping totally worth it (I’m so dramatic).

To make this experience a bit easier, my friends and I booked the Glamping package. Not having to fly gear in from different states and set up camp made this trip all the more easy to accommodate, once you got over the sticker shock. The clean warm trailer showers, and temperature controlled bathrooms 5 feet away from our tent were a breeze to use. After several attempts at camping this year at festivals, this is definitely the way to go, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the decision.

Walking into the Gorge amphitheater was breathtaking. A friend had asked me to video my reaction, and my mouth hung open as we took in the sights. It truly is a magical venue. The sets for both days were all phenomenal. Never have I encountered such a beautifully organized lineup. Every set played into the next with precision.

With an event like this, it is so difficult to choose favorites. Spencer Brown played a fantastic underground set in the campground Friday night, and even though I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even formulate sentences, I must say it was one of my favorite moments of the weekend. I finally had the pleasure of meeting him, and what a beautiful soul he has. He stayed late after being shut down by security, and signed and selfied for literally every person in line.

Saturday, Above and Beyond played one of the best sets I have witnessed them perform live, after all, it is their festival. Seven Lions and Jason Ross threw down to close out the evening. I was very interested to see what they would play together, as it was Seven Lions first tag team set. It certainly did not disappoint. Anjuna fans were delighted with the artistry that they have come to expect from him, and the Anjuna twist that Jason helped put into the set.

Sunday was by far the most amazing day musically for me. The man I had been waiting for, Moon Boots, was slated to start after the yoga set. His EP has been on repeat for months on my playlist, and he certainly brought more energy than I even expected he would. My absolute favorite of the day was Eli and Fur. I honestly was not familiar with the dynamic duo until this event. We found it so difficult to leave for even basic necessities like food or water. The energy of the day was palpable. Everyone was in awe. There were hugs, tears, and the unmistakable energy of a loving utopia. I would give literally anything to go back and relive this weekend. ABGT250, I’ll never get over you, and you will never get over me.

You can watch the after-movie of the event here. I will absolutely be making plans to attend 300. If you are even a casual fan of Anjuna, I highly suggest you do the same!

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