Houston’s Day For Night Delivers Legendary Talent

Written by Jen Fall

Photo credit: Julian Basjel

Houston, oh how I adore you. The hospitality of the south has always been my favorite. I even have my cowgirl hat and boots at the ready. When the lineup for Day For Night was released it seriously moved me. Never have I seen such a diverse lineup. It is truly branching out, and I for one am most excited to get some actual band time in after hitting so many EDM fests in a row. Every single artist on this lineup is at must-see status. It will be the perfect conclusion to my year of festing. It is fitting that this will be my 10th fest this year, because Day for Night delivered a lineup perfect 10 in my book.

So many gems to appreciate, but my personal reason for attending is Justice. Next to Daft Punk, these gents are the real deal. Missing their live set at Ultra was the biggest mistake of my festival life. I don’t even know how it happened. I got swept up in the excitement of ASOT, and made the decision to watch a set with a dear friend. This time I will not be missing these electronic music legends. Day For Night is their last announced live set of 2017. I am truly blessed to be able to accommodate this in my December schedule. Here are some sets that are definitely on my schedule:


Nine Inch Nails

My first ever festival was Voodoo Fest. I will never forget watching the Nine Inch Nails set, and I finally get a second chance at Day for Night. Trent Reznor and Tori Amos were huge influences on me in my former goth years (the photos are buried) and I am a self proclaimed Reznor super fan. My 18 year old self would be so proud.

Thom Yorke of Radiohead

Thom Yorke’s solo project features collaborations with tons of notable musical influencers, making this set an absolute must see. Radiohead has always been a bucket list for me so witnessing their front man Thom Yorke in person will be the best moment of my festival. I would bet money on it. 


This Canadian prodigy is having a career-catapulting year. I have not witnessed a full set from her yet due to time conflicts, so I’m absolutely making time for her full set here. She is a true artist. I look forward to popping my Rezz cherry in Houston.

Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz has been making huge waves. She is an absolute legend. I am so impressed with what she has been able to accomplish since the early 2000s. The hype on her is so thick that she gets the final spot on my not to be missed list. I so look forward to seeing her for the first time.


Day for Night is a transformational art fest. The light art installations have been talked about year after year for their innovation. Look out for my next piece that will break down some of the most exciting festival art many of us can ever hope to see in the South. I’ll be there with bells, or spurs, on. Secure your spot here!

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