Dreamstate Southern California – Anjuna Invasion

Written by Jen Fall

Photo credit: Insomniac

After the monumentally life changing experience of ABGT250, I caved and booked my flights for Dreamstate, also known in close circles as “Trance-giving.” You can find me dancing at the obvious favorites of ATB, AVB, PVD and Bryan Kearney, but I seriously feel like I can’t miss out of any of these favorite Anjuna artists. I have been unable to make a stop on the Anjuna tour, so this is my shot. Check out this breakdown of their best tracks/mixes for your listening pleasure.

Alpha 9

Also known as Arty, this wonderful gentleman is at the top of my list for must see sets. This track has been on repeat for me since its release.


Andrew Bayer

This legendary Anjunabeats MVP has had my attention for years, and a live set by him has eluded me till this festival. I couldn’t be more excited to finally see him. Everything this man touches turns to gold. Enjoy this ear candy. I can’t decide if I love “Memories” or “Nobody Told Me” more but I’m leaning towards the latter.


Ilan Bluestone

The fabulous one. The only complaints I heard at ABGT250 were of his name not being on the lineup. Also another name who has also evaded me since I have not been able to make an Anjunabeats local tour.


Jason Ross

How could I forget the one guy who convinced Seven Lions to tag team live for the first time? My personal opinion was that I would have preferred to see them both separately at ABGT250, but I was proven wrong when they closed out the main stage with one of the most incredible multi-genre sets that I have witnessed, even with the dubstep (typically a style I avoid like the plague).


I can’t leave out their collaboration. Fire!


Sunny Lax

When I listen to this track, I imagine it is me pushing that button, (one day guys, one day). He is a fellow Leo, and they always love the spotlight, so I definitely couldn’t leave him off my list.


Although our beloved heroes Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, (still kicking myself that I missed Dakota) and my personal favorites Gabriel and Dresden are not on the lineup, this combination of artists makes Dreamstate the absolute can’t miss event for trance fans this year. I can’t wait for my own personal state of trance. See you there, trancefam!

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