On The Way To EDC Orlando

EDC is hitting Orlando in just one short month. It’s time to start pulling out the rave gear and get ready for two nights under the electric sky. While you don’t have to go to the extremes of preparing like you would for a camping fest, there’s certainly a few points you might want to check off before heading to Central Florida.

One really important thing to prepare for ahead of time for EDC Orlando: parking. Parking is pretty expensive (at least in my broke-college-kid opinion). $30 a day, per car. $50 a day if you want premier parking. Last year, my friends and I opted out of this and decided to all split an Uber. This worked out pretty well if we avoided surges, but if you happened to get caught in the surge, the prices were insane. I remember last year, half of my friends and I left a little bit early one night and our Uber was $20 (split between 4 of us, $5 is a steal). The other half of my buds that left only 30 minutes after us, had to pay for an $80 Uber. Ouch. Have everyone in your group on their phone checking Uber/Lyft/whatever you prefer. As soon as one of you sees a relatively cheap charge, grab it. The second you hesitate on a low price because you think it might drop lower, the price will double.

Tinker Field is also right in downtown Orlando. Another idea that I haven’t tested out yet, but might have to this year: walk over towards the heart of downtown. Maybe extend your night a little bit while you’re down there. Even just waiting half an hour after the festival ends and getting just a few feet away from the rest of the festival Ubers might save you some serious cash.

So there’s my two cents on how to save two cents. You now have your tickets, your outfit ideas, your plan to get there, now you just need to figure out where you’re staying (check out hotels here). And last but not least, get ready to see this beautiful lineup at EDC Orlando 2017!

See you in Orlando, Florida on November 10th & 11th. Get your tickets here!

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